Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Wrap Up

Today Ethan and Grayson completed their first year of preschool. Granted they still have one more to go, but yet it made me quite emotional at this milestone!  They have come so far this past year and I am so proud of both of them!


Headed off to school this morning. Don’t ask me. I’m just their mother.


Ethan, Mrs. Hauck, and Grayson. I love how the boys are standing the same!


Tonight their class had a ceremony to celebrate their accomplishments. 


The boys were just a tad bit excited as you can see!  This is them with their friend and neighbor Jasmine.


Let’s take a little minute to not forget this little sweetie who wanted so badly to sit with her brothers and be a part of the preschool class!  Soon enough baby girl. Stop trying to grow up!


Ethan getting his diploma.  He chose to give Mrs Hauck a high 5.


Grayson went in for the hug. Smile

Their teacher got choked up tonight saying goodbye to all of her students.  She is amazing. The plan is for our boys to return there again in the fall with her for one more year before starting kindergarten.  They will be going one additional morning next year. 

We spent some time today creating our summer bucket list and we have quite a bit to accomplish, so there is no time to think about school in the fall quite yet!  Bring on summer vacation!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Ethan and Grayson’s imaginations have really been running wild lately.  I love seeing the things they come up with! The other day after I picked them up from school we walked in the door and Grayson looked around and said, “Wow, this place sure is beautiful.  Where do I put my shoes?”  I went along with it and showed him where the shoes go.  Ethan jumped in and they both started asking questions, all the while expressing themselves with their hands.  “What is this room for?”  “Oh my, what do you do in here?”  We took a full tour of the entire house. The boys even picked out beds for themselves so that they could stay as our guests overnight.  At lunch that day Ethan remarked, “I will be on my best behavior because I’m your guest and I want to make sure you want me to come back again sometime.” 

I also wanted to share this Mother’s Day movie that our church did for Mother’s Day.  The boys were a hit and cracked me up.  Chris taped this with his phone so it isn’t the best quality, but hopefully it’s good enough!



Friday, May 3, 2013

Life is Beautiful

Please don’t take my lack of words on here to mean a lack in my life.


Life has been so incredibly rich lately.


Stretching, changing, laughing, crying…


There is so, so much my heart longs to pour out and yet finding the words (and the time) is tough.


But I will. 


In the past few weeks I turned 34, lost my last living grandparent, had a visit from Grandpa and Grandma from Virginia, taken a few day trips with the family, had a nail painting party with my baby, marveled in the wonder of my baby boys turning in to mini men, kept up with life and laundry in general, and most importantly I am continuing to be stretched and pulled in many beautiful areas of my life.  So many things in all of that above that I want to write on and share before it’s lost in the shuffle of life.


Grandma captured this precious moment of love between Ethan and Adelyn. He was even rubbing her ears!


Uncle Tom, Dad, and Grandpa on the morning of his last day with us. 


A hard goodbye.  The weather fit our mood.


More to come…


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