Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nineteen Thousand Four Hundred Forty...or something like that...

Is how many hours the two of you have been a part of our life.

These are just a few of the things I do not want to forget about you right now:

A few weeks ago we went for lunch at the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant here in our town. It was pouring down rain that day, but yet you two just HAD to push the button on him...


Johnny Appleseed.

I told you we could quickly do it, but then we had to get in the car because Johnny Appleseed was "dirty and wet." Ever since then you, Ethan will randomly just say "Man dirty?" When I say "What man is dirty?" You say, "Johnny Appleseed is dirty!"

You both have also become very obsessed with bugs lately. You are a bit fearful of them, especially after witnessing a large spider crawling across our garage floor a few days ago. You now ask me often if you can "hug a bug." I emphatically tell you "Noooooo! We don't hug a bug!" Then you say, "Eat a bug!" I say, "Noooooooo! We don't eat bugs!" Thenyou both just giggle and giggle. Tonight at the dinner table we had that exact conversation and then you asked me Ethan, "Eat a booger and a bug?" Ha!

(notice Ethan's forehead. He fell off his wagon (not his rocker) last week)
This is in the "birthday room" as the boys like to call it, ever since we celebrated their birthday there last December. They play with the candles from the centerpiece and sing happy birthday to themselves.

I love watching you two play together. You are truly the best of friends. You play so nicely together most of the time. :) (At least once a day I have to pull you off each other as you are having a knock down, drag out fight. Last night you were brawling over who got to put on a pair of girl's shoes that belonged to some friends that were visiting). You are often heard saying throughout the day, "Here Eat-an," "Here Gay-sen," as you hand each other toys. Love it.

I find your toys in the most random locations all day long. Doesn't everyone have trucks in their sink?
I also love though, along with your silly side, how you still love to cuddle up to Mommy. Just today Grayson, you were the first one awake from nap time (which is often the case). I came and laid down beside you in your bed and pulled you close to me. You laid there with your nose almost touching mine. I told you a story called "Grayson and the Airplane." You listened so intently. Your eyes smiled as you imagined yourself flying high in the sky, along with the clouds and the birds, Mr. Moose in your backpack, all the way to Ama and Bapa's house. You didn't want to get up, and in fact when I tried you said, "Stay with Mommy." And so we stayed...just a little bit longer. *Sigh*

On a side note, I have to share a story that happened about a week ago. Chris and I had just finished giving the boys a bath. I had just pulled the boys out of the tub and reminded them that if they had to go to the bathroom they needed to sit on the toilet instead of urinating on the carpet (not that I speak from previous experience at all on that one or anything.) As soon as Ethan ran out to the living room where Chris was he began to pee on the carpet! Chris said, "No Ethan! Go to Mommy! Go sit on the potty!" This little naked boy came running back down the hallway to me. I put him up on the toilet and a few drops hit the bowl (I think he was pretty much done by that point!) Grayson then persisted that he "had to go poopy again", (although he hadn't even gone the first time, but I digress...) so I put him on the toilet and wouldn't you just know that the child peed in the toilet! I never in my life thought I would get so excited about seeing another human being relieving themselves in the toilet, but I sat there cheering and clapping and wiping away a few tears! The most priceless part of all was seeing the look on his face. He looked up at his Daddy in the doorway with this incredible look of pride and awe of himself. I'll never forget it. *May I just add that they are no where close to being potty trained. They are interested in it here and there, but there ain't no way I'm tackling that bad boy right now with our move coming up. It was a good start though! :)
So - after potty time was over the boys ran out to the living room showing off all that God gave 'em. They climbed up in the picture window for the world to see. Chris and I thought nothing of it, but then we noticed that the boys were staring at something in our driveway. The boys then stood up in the window (completely buck naked mind you), and started waving. I ran to the window and looked down. There were two teenagers walking up the steps to our front door. They were staring up in the window with this look on their face like "Ummm, do I wave back? Do I ignore these two naked children who are grinning down at me?" Ha! I opened the front door just laughing hysterically. The boys were saying "Hi. Hi!" The entire time the company was on our front steps the boys began loudly saying, "Need to go poopy again! Need to go poopy again!" It was just the best, most chaotic few moments! Those poor teenagers will never be the same!


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