Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daddy and the Boys go to Minnesota

Daddy here...been a while since I've blogged but I thought it would be fun to share the experiences of our most recent trip to Minnesota.

It all started when Mommy went on bed rest. We had our airplane tickets long before then and, although Grandma Berres came down to help out, Beth's ticket was nontransferable. Long story short, Daddy had to travel alone on the airplanes with the boys from Charlottesville to Minnesota and back, connecting through Detroit both ways. Grandma traveled "with" us, but on a different airline and connecting through a different city. It was just Dad and the boys!

At 3:00 AM, after the car was packed for the airport, I got both boys from their cribs and loaded them in the car. With no crying and a few mumbled words, the boys sat at attention with big eyes in their car seats wondering what was happening. Although I had expected them to fall back asleep after driving a while, they didn't. They stayed awake all the way to Charlottesville.

Upon arriving at the airport, Grandma had to hurry through security to make it to her plane. I had to wait because Delta check-in was closed. Soon thereafter, it opened and I checked our bag and headed to security. When we made it to the metal detector, I took both boys out of their stroller and sat them on the floor. I sent their stroller through the x-ray machine, threw both boys over my shoulder, and through the metal detector we alarm...we made it. The TSA guy was nice enough to set up the stroller and we were on our way to the gate.

Our plane from Charlottesville to Detroit was a small "two and two seat" jet and the ride was about an hour and half. At 6:00 AM we took off. I fed the boys breakfast on the plane which took a while then introduced them to their new toy...a portable DVD player. In the pic below, the boys are watching Wheels on the Bus with their headphones. The headphones didn't work too well, so I just took them off and turned the volume up loud enough for them to hear it.

Soon we landed in Detroit. So far so good...then things got interesting.

When you travel with kids on airplanes you learn it's best to be the first on and the last off the plane, but that doesn't come without a have to wait for the plane to take off and you have to wait for everyone to get off before you can do anything.

So we landed in Detroit and we're waiting for everyone to get off. The boys were still in their pajamas and I had Ethan on my lap. Suddenly I felt the ever-so-familiar feeling of warm pee running down my leg. Well, that's pretty much par for the course when you raise kids, but hold the thought. Once everyone was off the plane, I gathered up my backpacks and both boys and off the plane we went. I stopped with the boys where we were supposed to pick up our stroller which we gate checked. We waited patiently, but still...nothing.

I started wondering what was up and looked out the window only to see our stroller sitting on conveyor belt next to the belly of our plane. I calmly informed a nearby Delta rep that our stroller was outside, pointed it out to her, and asked her to get it for us. She went outside, talked to one of the baggage guys for a while, then came back with no stroller. Bear in mind that I have two toddlers at my feet getting pretty impatient.

Then things got ugly. The rep told me she couldn't fetch the stroller because there was no pink gate check tag on it. But I had witnessed the baggage guy in Charlottesville attach one, so I was confused. The rep told me the tag must have fallen off and it was their policy that nothing be given to passengers without gate checked tags. I'm a levelheaded guy, but when it comes to employees not being empowered to use a tad bit of common sense to solve problems...let's just bothers me. :) The captain of the plane and several other employees were nearby so I...ah hem...encouraged them to do something about it.

In the mean time a nice couple, with maybe a 6 and 7 year-old kids, offered to help me out. I didn't turn the offer down and the husband asked if he could hold one of the boys. I obliged again and handed him Ethan.

By then 8 or 9 Delta employees were gathered around the gate desk making phone calls to supervisors and managers trying to solve our "problem." FINALLY, a rep hangs up the phone and retrieves the stroller. I hooked up Grayson and took Ethan from the nice husband who had offered to help. Now...recall that Ethan was the one with the leaky diaper. When he handed Ethan to me, the guy's shirt was SOAKED with pee! I apologized profusely, but he didn't sweat it, stating that he'd "been there" and wished us well on the rest of our journey.

By then I had to use the bathroom myself, so that was our next destination. I stepped up to a urinal with the stroller directly behind me. Thankful that I finally had a few seconds to myself and relieved that the stroller dilemma was over, I heard a soft splashing noise behind me. When I turned around (in mid-stream mind you), I saw Grayson with his hand in the urinal next to me. With Dad preoccupied and trying to finish up as fast as possible, Grayson decided it would be fun to clap his wet hands and spray himself and his brother with the "water" on his hands. I broke out the hand sanitizer and cleaned up everyones' hands.

So the boys were still in their pajamas and needed diaper changes and new outfits for the day. I found a family bathroom and started working on Ethan. One backpack was on the counter and one was down next to the stroller. Grayson started messing with the backpack on the floor so I quickly threw it up into the sink. Not realizing it, the sink had a motion sensor and I looked over and the backpack was getting doused with water...good times!

Ahhh...the boys were changed, dry, and had a new change of clothes for the day. Off to the gate to catch the plane to the Minneapolis. On our way to the gate, we got to go through a cool tunnel with awesome lights, colors, and sounds. The pic below is the the three of us in the tunnel.

As I said earlier it's always best to board first with kids and that's what we did next. When we got to our row which was row 20 of our maybe 55 rows, I moved Grayson into the row but Ethan turned, looked at me, screamed, and turned back and proceeded to run all the way to the back of the plane. People were getting on behind us, so I threw Grayson into a seat, strapped him down with a seat belt so he couldn't move and ran to the back of the plane to get Ethan. When I got to him he was all smiles. It was pretty funny that Dad had to chase him.

This plane had "three and three seats." After getting Ethan back to our row, I sat in the aisle seat which kept the boys contained between me and the window. Well, the boys thought it was play time. They were on the floor, on the seat, up and down, and laughing and smiling at people as they boarded the plane. The pics below are the boys as the plane was being boarded.

Once airborne, the boys settled down. Getting up at 3:00 AM finally caught up with them. Ethan was the first to go. He laid down on my left with his head on my thigh. Then Grayson laid down. Shortly after the boys were asleep. The picture below shows the boys getting a well deserved nap. I thought this was a pretty cool moment!

We got off the plane in Minneapolis and Daddy and the boys were glad to see Grandma waiting at the gate and Grandpa waiting in baggage claim!

Once we got there the trip was great! Lots of family to help out. The boys loved it. The trip home was actually pretty uneventful. I learned many lessons on the way up I was destined not to make again. The pic below shows the boys back in Charlottlesville - notice the pink gate check tag hanging on the stroller ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010


Aren't my blog titles just so creative these days? I just ain't got nothing when it comes to thinking of something witty. I completely blame it on pregnancy brain. I was trying to think of the word "sensitive" in a conversation with Chris today and for the life of me I couldn't recall the stinkin word! I was struggling and Chris kept trying to help me guess it. It was comical...although frustrating at the time!


I have decided, with the inspiration from my friends Kristy and Jolanthe, not to mention a plethora of Internet blogs that have spurred me on, to create a meal planning masterpiece (ahem) to help my family. I have been doing something called EMealz for a few months now, and Chris and I have really enjoyed it.

I was just finding a few months ago that I was falling in to a meal making rut. I felt like I was making the same meals over and over and over again. I was also feeling overwhelmed during a time when the boys were beginning to eat table food, but yet they were young enough where they couldn't eat all of the foods we did, so I was making a separate meal for them too.

Chris had heard about EMealz on The Dave Ramsey Program. We are both HUGE Dave fans after we began following his "Total Money Makeover" a few years ago. With EMealz you are given 26 meal plans to choose from. You select the one that you think will work best for your needs. It then gives you a weekly dinner menu along with the entire grocery shopping list needed for that week. The cost is five dollars per month.

I loved it because it took all the guess work out of meal planning and shopping. I would just print off my list and off to the store I would go! To make it even easier I chose a meal plan that would feed 4-6 people per meal. This would allow Chris and I to eat off the same dinner for 2 to 3 nights before moving on to the next meal. It just felt nice to not have to devote a huge chunk of my day to time in the kitchen when I could spend it with my boys or other projects instead.

However...after a few months I grew weary of it. The reason why is because I truthfully was finding I didn't like a lot of the meals that they planned! This is just my personal opinion, and I know of a few people who have completely fallen in love with EMealz! It is worth looking in to. I'm not a particularly picky person when it comes to food, however I was beginning to substitute so many meals off the menu that it just wasn't working for us anymore!

So....what I'm in the process of now (while I'm stuck in bed anyhow) is creating a 10 week rotating menu plan full of meals that are tried and true with our family. (This idea was completely taken from a dear friend of mine, so I can't take any credit!) I have pulled out my three ring binder that I have kept over the years full of our favorite recipes, and I am also scouring the Internet for other families favorites, to get enough for at least 70 dinner ideas. I am then also going to be planning a grocery shopping list to accompany each week so that all I will have to do is just print out the list for that particular week and I will be ready to go.

A few of the meals I am putting on our menu will make 2 large dishes, so then I will be able to freeze one and have one on hand when company arrives, or when a day comes when I just don't feel like cooking!

I also like how Jolanthe has basically the same breakfast foods served all week long. Cereal one day, eggs and bacon another...that just helps a lot with planning too and takes the guess work out of it for her and for her children!

I'm just finding, and I think it will be even more apparent here in a few weeks, that organization is critical when trying to run a home with young children. There is just no way that I could function if I tried to think of what to make for dinner on a daily basis. I do so much better knowing that my pantry and freezer are stocked, I have a plan, the ingredients are on hand, and we are ready to roll!

I would LOVE to hear some of your favorite family recipes. What is a meal that is always a good one to fall back on in your home? If you wouldn't mind sharing I will gladly add it to my growing list of meal options!

I would also like to give a shout out here about a blog that was recently started by some women I know (and some I don't know yet). It is called The Foodie Spot. It is a place where they share recipes that their families love. I have gotten a lot of great ideas from this blog, for example the manicotti. I had never before attempted to make my own crepes, but they were so easy and so amazingly delicious! I made this for company about a month ago and was delighted when they kept going back for seconds and thirds! This is one that is definitely being added to my menu book.

Seriously. All this talk about food is so not good for a pregnant lady. I am going to get a snack!


This morning I got a call that my second fetal fiber nectin test, which they gave to me last Friday, was also negative. This means that there is more than a 95% chance that I will not be going in to labor until I am at least 35 weeks! This also means that they will not be giving me steroid shots like they did with the boys. They also will no longer be doing weekly cervix checks, but instead will just let us ride this thing out and see how far we can go!

I will be 34 weeks this Thursday. I am continuing to feel great and I'm not experiencing much at all in the way of contractions or anything like that. I really have this feeling that she is going to be staying put for quite a long time to come. I am praying so!

I think the plan is to keep me on bed rest at least for now. Even as the weeks pass I do not think I will be resuming the full load of carrying for the boys, the home, cooking, etc. Chris and I just want to do whatever we can possible to bring her in to this world healthy and full term! Oh what an incredible blessing it would be if we could bring her right home from the hospital with us and our family!

Her nursery is pretty much all ready to go. Her drawers are filled, clothes are hung in the closet, name is chosen and painted for the wall, crib is is all becoming so real! We are getting pretty excited about meeting this new member of our family!

In the meantime having my Mom here this past month has been just incredible. My Dad will fly out this Friday and spend a week with us, and then the two of them will fly home together on August 5th. I don't even want to think about having that goodbye! We have all gotten so attached to having "MaMaMa" here with us. The boys absolutely adore her, and I do kind of think she's enjoyed having this time with them too. She has just totally jumped right in with both feet and she is helping out around here so much. It has been such a huge blessing of this entire pregnancy twist to have her here with us.

Sorry for being so quiet on the blog. When the boys are here I spend most of the day being entertained by them instead of on this computer!

Here is a recent pic of our little lady taken last week:
I just can not get over how stinking adorable she is! I see that little button nose and it reminds me so much of her brothers! What a miracle!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is Dangerous!

It has become apparant that leaving me home alone with internet, my wallet, and a baby girl on the way is a very dangerous thing!

I am practicing good self control so far, but my Etsy cart is growing by the minute!

Come home soon Chris before I cave!

Just look at all these cute GIRLY things!!!

I found a tutorial to make hair clips like these. Now...if I could just go shopping for the materials!

Monthly stickers to apply to a onesie for pictures. I thought it was a cute idea!

Little hair clips

Oh fer cute!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Becoming a mother is always something I longed for. How many times did I make my brother David play the role of my husband as we played house and tucked our dolls in for bed at night? (He was such a great little brother!)

My cabbage patch doll Mamie had a daily schedule of feedings, naps, play time, and baths.
From the time I was maybe 16 I started a list of potential names for my some-day babies. (Is that creepy or cute? Not sure.)

And now here I 31 years old...mother to three.

Motherhood is everything that I ever dreamed it would be, but SO much more.

So much more of everything. Every emotion.

So much more intense.

So much more demanding.

So much more responsibility.

So much more fun.

So much more love...

As I have these days right now to lay here at home while my family is in Minnesota it has given me such special time to focus on the mother that I am. The other night my friend Carla prayed that this time of bed rest would be a time of refreshing for me as a mother. A time where I could focus and spend time thinking about, and praying for, my children - for them now, but also for their callings and their destinies...and I feel that I have had time to do just that!

For the first 30 weeks of this pregnancy it shot by me so fast. I was finding myself so busy and "full" with the boys that I never seemed to have the time to just sit back and anticipate the arrival of our daughter in to this family.

These past few weeks as I have laid here and felt her kick, move, and grow I feel that we have grown so close. I have even been talking to her a lot these past few days as we lay here alone together! I've been singing to her, reading to her, praying over her...and it's just been pretty special! I am truly thankful for this time alone I've been given with my daughter.

I have also, in the past few days, started reading "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp. It had been laying on my night stand for the past 6 months or more, but I finally picked it up and started plowing through it. Truthfully a while back I had started skimming through some of the first few pages, but I had then tossed it aside because it wasn't practical enough for me. I wanted it to give me step by step directions on how to handle exact situations that arose in my home, like the little boy laying on my kitchen floor screaming and kicking because he didn't get his way, or the two little boys who are shrieking at the top of their lungs while wrestling around the living room and trying to bite each other... and I didn't find those answers in the book!

What I have found so far in reading through his book though is his firm belief that parents must deal with the heart of their children. If we just respond to the inappropriate behavior and don't think about where that behavior is stemming from, we are not getting to the heart (haha) of the matter.

It just made sense to me. If you have a child who is, for example, caught in a lie, it is important that our child understands the heart issue about lying. Why don't we lie? What does the Bible teach us about lying? Who are we hurting when we tell lies? Why does it hurt ourselves when we lie? If we can get our children to understand the deeper truths and Biblical basis for how we live, then it goes beyond us being the ones who are running the show and telling them do this, don't do that.

So often I have already found that I can be a parent who disciplines my sons out of my frustration or irritation. If they are being too loud for me, or if they are disturbing my peace, or if their fighting is making me mad, then I react. This book talks about taking our emotions out of the equation. We don't punish and discipline to appease ourselves and our own selfish wants, we should instead do it because we care about our children! We want to raise them to be aware of the decisions they are making, and why making those decisions is important.

I have only made it through the first few chapters, and I still have a long way to go and a lot more dissecting to do, but I have really been gleaming a lot from it so far.

When it comes down to it though parenting can be such a daunting task! I so often doubt myself and my ability to be an effective mother to my children. I think about how many things I am doing wrong, or will do wrong along the way. I think about how much counseling they are going to have to go through to try and erase the memories of their childhood with their crazy mother! And the truth is...parenting is tough! Parenting is scary! Parenting is a HUGE responsibility! It gives me such incredible peace though to know that I'm not doing it on my own. First of all I am fortunate to have an amazing husband who stands beside me as an incredible father to these children. He truly is an amazing gift in their lives. But...he is also human just like me. Both of us realize that we need one higher than us to help and guide us along the way.

This book has also given me a bit of a wake up call. So much of parenting comes down to where our hearts are at too. What example are we showing to our children? How do I handle times when I am stressed? When I don't get my way? When someone has done me wrong? Do I lie? Do I show anger? Do I lash out at those around me?

If I spend all my time thinking about the hearts of my children but spend no time nurturing and feeding my own heart I will be of no good to them.

Just some thoughts...

So Thankful

Yesterday morning I went in for another check up of our little girl. They wanted to do a detailed ultrasound and get some weight estimates as well as recheck my cervix via ultrasound again.

I have been battling fear and anxiety some the past week thinking ahead to this appointment. I was nervous that things perhaps would be even worse, and of course my mind begins to jump to the possibility of needing to be put on bed rest in the hospital, or the fear of her coming now at just 32 weeks. This past Wednesday though I had some dear girlfriends pray with me before this appointment. It really helped me to have such peace going in yesterday morning.

So - I went in for my ultrasound. They checked her first and found that she is still completely and totally frank breech. Her little tooshie is just pushing on my bladder and her arms and feet are just hanging out above her head! Luckily, since we are planning a c-section for September 2nd I don't have to be too concerned about it - she just doesn't seem very comfortable to me!

They took measurements of her head circumference, her abdomen, and her femur. With those measurements combined they approximate her weight to be about 4 pounds, 8 ounces right now. I was so excited about that! I thought that I looked too small yet to be carrying around a four pound baby, but maybe that's just because I am used to carrying around 2 of them! She is measuring in the 58th percentile, so she is just a perfect little thing! We are so thankful!

They also checked the amount of amniotic fluid around her and found it to be just the perfect levels.

They then checked my cervix. 2 weeks ago my cervical length was 27 mm. 2 weeks prior to that it had been 35. When they checked it yesterday it had gone back up to 39! That is an amazing change for the better! Bed rest is definitely working and paying off. Even with me pushing down on my belly and creating pressure the numbers barely changed! I was so excited...nearly giddy! Thank you Lord!

We are hopeful and anticipating that as long as I keep off my feet and continue to take it easy this little lady should have no problem riding out this pregnancy for quite a long time to come still and just stay put and keep packing on the pounds!

The Dr. said that in a few weeks if things continue to go well I may be able to get off bed rest, but I am not sure if I will want to! If I can keep her inside until 39 weeks and allow her to grow and grow and grow, that is exactly what I want to do!

Belly pictures to come soon!

Yah Ya Betcha

You would really think that a woman on bed rest would have a lot more time for updating her blog, but not so this time around! I have been keeping myself pretty busy!

We are loving having my Mom here with us for the month. I spend my days laying on the couch watching the commotion around me, cuddling boys, reading stories, giving kisses...while Mom does all the grunt work (although she gets some good cuddling time in too!). She has been an amazing help and I truly don't know what we would do without her.

This past Tuesday Chris, Ethan, Grayson, and my Mom took the boys up to Minnesota for the week. We weren't able to get my Mom on the same flight as the rest of them, so Super Dad did it all by himself with both boys! He wants to blog about their experience when he returns home! I am so proud of all three of them and how they handled we'll see how it goes coming home again next Tuesday!

Here is a link to a slideshow from the Minnesota trip so far:

I miss my family so much, but I am so glad that they were able to go and enjoy this time together! It is all part of our little girl's story and I am more than happy to be here at home growing a healthy little girl instead! Update on her coming next.

I have been able to Skype with the boys a couple times since they've been gone. It's been so fun for me to watch them in action. They seem a bit confused as to why Mom is stuck on the computer screen, but I even got a few kisses from Ethan!

Last night I was watching them eat dinner and Ethan was showing off for his cousins and started throwing his food. I said "Ethan Douglas, no throwing your food please!" He immediately looked at the computer screen, his eyes got big, and he stopped! Haha. Mommy is always watching little boy! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dad Life

As Chris and I find ourselves now at the point in our lives where we are shopping for a minivan and picking poop off the carpet (yep, thanks Ethan), I just bust out laughing when I saw this video! I love seeing my husband of 9 years living the "Dad Life!" :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The other day the boys had their first experience with their very own cobs of corn. They were completely entertained and quiet for about 15 minutes. Chris and I joked that we were going to bring ears of corn with us wherever we went if we just needed them to sit quietly for a little while!

Ethan (l) and Grayson (r)


Monday, July 5, 2010

Changing Course

I have learned by now in life that sometimes things don't always go exactly like you have planned.

After carrying the boys to 34 weeks and 2 days and spending 11 of those weeks on bed rest, I had such a strong desire to experience a "normal" pregnancy carrying a singleton to full term.

I had no reason to think that carrying one baby would pose any type of risk or problem for me. I fully assumed that my preterm labor with the boys was caused by the fact that there were two of them in there, not just one.

And so this past December, as you know, we found out we were pregnant again...with one baby. We were ecstatic, elated, and full of anticipation for this new child to join our family!

The past 30 weeks of this pregnancy have been pretty normal too. I have been gaining weight at a normal speed (not 30 pounds in the first 20 weeks like with the boys!), feeling one little baby squirm and kick vs. little hands and feet everywhere! It has been such a treat.

This past Wednesday I went to the Dr. for baby check up. The most important news is that our daughter looks great. The amount of fluid around her is perfect, she was moving and squirming like crazy, and her heart rate looked steady.

Then they checked my cervix.

It was like reliving it all over again with the boys. As soon as I saw that ultrasound screen I knew.

My cervix was shortening again.

I was measuring at 35 mm a few weeks ago, and this time I was measuring at 27. I could also see that my cervix was beginning to funnel, which was the exact problem I had carrying the boys.

I was devastated.

The technician remained so positive and so optimistic. She told me that she saw a slight change, and that she wouldn't say that my cervix was "funneling" per se, but "indenting a little bit."

When the Dr. came in after the ultrasound we talked some more. She did call it funneling, and she said that my cervix had certainly changed from a few weeks prior. Due to the changes I was to go on modified bed rest immediately.

She told me I could read stories and cuddle with my sons, but everything else; cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, lifting, etc. had to be left to someone else. In addition, my trip to Minnesota that we had planned for the middle of July needed to be cancelled.

It was all just so much.

Then came my tears.

I was completely overwhelmed and completely caught off guard.

What kind of mother can't care for her own sons?
Why can't my body carry a baby to full term?
Why are there so many women around me who can do it without any problems, and yet I struggle and put my unborn babies at risk?
How would we schedule and manage our home the next 9 weeks until her due date?
How long would I make it this time?

I sucked it up long enough to get to the car and then I became completely unglued. I couldn't get a hold of Chris, so I called my other best mother. She answered. I was so thankful.

I couldn't even get the words out as I tried to tell her the latest news. I had her pretty worried I think!

She helped me to put it all back in perspective and to see that this really wasn't the worst possible scenario.

My daughter was okay. She looked perfect and healthy.

My Mom then said that she would be there in a heart beat if I needed her. And I did.

I got a hold of Chris and we met at a nearby park so I could just be near him and have a hug from my husband. He was so strong. So kind. He just told me that we would get through this. That the news wasn't that bad. That we would take it one day at a time. He helped me to feel so at peace.

We went out for dinner that night as planned to celebrate our nine year anniversary (what a difference nine years can make!) and also to make a plan for the next couple of months as far as taking care of the boys, our home, etc.

It was no coincidence that last Thursday night Chris finished up his MBA. He no longer has evening classes, tests to study for on weekends, projects to complete late at night. It was also no coincidence that my Mom went to part time hours last fall and has a much looser schedule in terms of her commitments to her job.

She is going to be taking a month off and come and live with us to help. She will be arriving this next Thursday. What an amazing gift! She is so thrilled about having this time with her grandsons, daughter, and soon to be granddaughter, and I can't wait to have my Mom with me for a full month! What a blessing!

She will leave the first week of August and then at that time we will only have about 4 more weeks to go. Chris's Mom will take over at that point and help us care for things around here. She is such an incredible blessing too and has really helped out a lot these past few days since we got the news.

We are also surrounded by neighbors, friends, sisters, nieces, and nephews who have willingly sacrificed their time once again to help us out. Thank you all!

It is hard to humble myself enough to ask for help. I feel like all of the things in this home: my sons, laundry, meals, cleaning, etc. are my responsibility. It is hard to ask someone else to do all those things for me while I lay and watch.

But every time I feel a kick, hiccups, look in the mirror at this beautiful belly, or look at my two healthy sons, I know that laying on the couch or in this bed is exactly what I need to be doing for the next two months. How incredibly worth it every moment, every day, every hour is until our little girl comes in to our family!

I also ask for your prayers blog readers. Prayers that our daughter would remain safe and sound for many, many, more weeks to come. Our prayer and hope is that she is born healthy and able to come home from the hospital with us without having to experience any NICU time.

I will be 31 weeks on Thursday, and her big arrival date is planned for September 2nd at 39 we have 8 weeks to go! It doesn't seem quite as daunting as starting bed rest at 23 weeks like I did with the boys. Bed rest this time around is also quite a bit more entertaining with two 18 month olds running circles around me!

The boys seem to be doing extremely well adjusting to the fact that their Mommy can't pick them up or change them anymore. I can still read a pretty mean story and cuddle like crazy, so we are getting plenty of that in!

I will keep updates coming as there are any.


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