My Family


I met this man when we were both 20 years old at a salmon cannery in Alaska.  We spent two months together and fell in love.  He was from Virginia, Me from Minnesota.  We were married two years later, and now...another 9 years after that here we are!


My first born son by a whole 23 minutes!  When your day to arrive came there was no stopping you! You are our tender little boy.  You love to give sloppy kisses right on the lips and hug everything in sight.  You love to "talk" and your vocabulary is exploding and continuing to amaze us.  Your curly little head of hair makes you resemble your Daddy almost to a T.


Our second born emergency c-section miracle.  He entered this world fighting and is still our little bruiser to this day!  He's got that dimple in his right cheek that just melts my heart whenever he cracks a smile.  He is a sweet little love bug who loves nothing more than to cuddle up on our laps, holding his blankie and sucking his calloused little thumb.


In one word...sweetness.  Happiness and joy just ooze from this little girl.  Always smiling, giggling, chasing after her brothers...she brings so much joy to this home!  Now a little walker, this world better watch out!


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