Sunday, February 27, 2011

Uncle Schmood Pays a Visit

Thank you for coming Uncle David! We love when you are here with us, and soon we'll see you much more often!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Buzz Bust

Well I wouldn't really call it a bust, but I wouldn't call it a total success on night one either! The boys stayed in their beds until 6:45. The alarm was set for 7. Chris went in with them and they went back to their beds and waited until the clock turned green! They were pretty proud of themselves, even with a little help from Daddy!

I think we wil set the clock for 6:30 or 6:45 for a few mornings so they don't feel tortured having to wait in bed that long.

We'll see!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



These are some of the numbers that have displayed themselves on our alarm clock as we have heard our precious little boys wake up and start their day.

That's a tad bit early.

So, we're giving old 'Buzz' a try (as the boys like to call him).

He will glow green when it is time to get out of bed.

We have him set for 7 tomorrow morning.

Tonight we went over how it works. I told the boys that they had to stay in bed until the clock turned green. Grayson shook his little finger, looked at me with these big eyes, and said "No Up! Clock Green, up!'

Ethan was so excited to go to bed tonight saying, "Buzz too? Buzz too?"

We'll see if it works!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My To-Do List

is never ending;

Isn't that true for all of us?

I cross one thing off and add five more things to it.

I wake up in the morning with thoughts of what I need to accomplish today.

Sometimes I even find myself getting frustrated at my children because they get in the way of me accomplishing my tasks.

This morning, as I sat down to check email before beginning my day, I was already feeling convicted of my hurried attitude...always rushing from one task to the next...and I came across a friend's blog and a devotion that were perfect for me today.

Around 8, when all the kids are tucked in to bed for the night, I often find myself looking back over my day...and reflecting on what my attitude was like.

What example did my children see?
How did they feel throughout this day?

Or did they see me sighing in frustration.
Saying "no" to them five hundred times.
Always rushing here and there to start a load of laundry, make the next meal, wash the sink full of dishes instead of sitting down with them.

Sometimes I am so overwhelmed because I want to do it ALL. I want to have a clean home, clean, folded laundry that is put back in it's drawers, clean children, happy children...the list can go on and on and on...

I am still working on finding that balance of not missing out on the sweetness of the every day, while at the same time getting done what I need to.

I am recognizing the fact that I just need to stop.and.breathe. more often.

To take that extra five seconds to scoop up a child in my arms, kiss them on the cheek, and tell them how loved they are.

To not just feed Adelyn and lay her down on a blanket, but to take the time after she is finished to just hold her, let her play with my face, or blow raspberries on her tummy.

To truly listen to the heart's of my children. What do they need from me today?

To call up a friend just to talk and laugh.

To schedule a spa date with a dear friend before I move (can't wait!).

To take a few minutes for myself to recharge and feel energized again whether it be through exercise, a bubble bath, or a good book and a cup of something hot!

To spend time focusing on My Creator, the true love of my life, and what HE wants and has for me.

I just don't want life to pass me by in a blur.

To pass me by so quickly where one day I will look back and ask myself where it all went, what did I accomplish, what mark have I left behind?

I don't have all the answers.
I am constantly learning.

But at least I am aware of it. I don't ever want to lose sight of what is really important.

I truly, truly, truly need prayer for patience, love, and kindness along with so many other things....

A work in progress...that is who I am.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today is Tuesday...

Isn't that a catchy blog title? Yeah, I've got nothin.

Today I took Grayson to his appointment at the Dr. It was a check-up on his pneumonia. He is doing "100 % better" in the words of the Dr. after listening to his chest again. I could already tell that my little G was back in action. His eyes have that twinkle again, he wakes up giggling with his brother, he polishes off his meals like nobody's business, he's climbing on top of tables and throwing balls at picture frames...yes, he is back indeed!

All 3 of them are feeling much better. Little Adie Padie was diagnosed with RSV this past Sunday. I wanted to get her checked on too. It appears it's just a mild case, and hadn't reached her lungs at all yet, so I have just been keeping a close eye on her. The past few nights she has been sleeping like a champ again which has given her (and me!) some much needed rest.

Oh these boys of mine. The ins and outs of raising toddlers. I guess this is just the way it's going to be. I experience so many emotions in a single day with them. I seriously feel bi-polar sometimes in my emotional state throughout the day. Some moments I will look at them with complete and total awe over how cute they are, or how big they are, or how nicely they are playing together or playing with their sister

...and then the next moment I can be bug eyed watching them make a disaster out of the living room in 3 seconds flat, or saying, "push brudder" and shoving each other, or saying, "bite" and taking a chomp out of their brother's arm, or saying, "no, no, no" to me after I ask them to do something even after I have talked with them, and punished them, and counseled them on how we do not do those things! They are certainly in the pushing the limits stage.

And they are SOOOO busy!

Mobile and Curious are the two words I would use to describe them at this stage in the game.
I often strap them in to their high chairs when it is time for meal prep so that I don't have to try to keep up with both of them at the same time! It just makes it so much easier and less stressful right now!

(Ethan left, Grayson right)

This is a picture taken the other evening. The boys like to climb up on the dining room table chairs, sing the happy birthday song, and then blow out the candles on the centerpiece. They call the dining room the birthday room since that is where they blew out their candles this past December.

*Note - this entire blog post has been written in the hallway outside my son Grayson's door who has decided that he doesn't need a nap today, but instead needs to sing the A B C song over and over and over again.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Little Valentine's








Friday, February 11, 2011

Is Spring Here Yet?

I am sad when I see days upon days going by without a comment from me on my blog. There is so much life that I am missing out on documenting and reporting - but truthfully we have been swallowed up around here!

For over two weeks now we have had sick kids in this home. Grayson was seen at the doctor two weeks ago today. They reported it was just a virus and was going to take time. He seemed to get better for a day or two, but his fever returned with a vengeance and he has been under the weather here recently yet again. Adelyn and Ethan have also been sick, and we are keeping a close eye on them. They both had a cold and now it has turned in to this cough that just won't quit!

Grayson, however, just seemed to be in a pretty big funk. He just wasn't himself at all. Chris and I decided to take him back in this morning and get him checked out. After listening to his chest we tried to do a breathing treatment on him. It didn't make much of a difference. The doctor then decided that we should get an x-ray taken of Grayson's lungs just to make sure we weren't dealing with pneumonia.

We drove across town to a different office to get the x-ray. My little boy looked so little as he had to stand in front of that big x-ray machine. I was able to stay with him and comfort him. He was scared saying, "Hold you Mommy! Hold you Mommy!" He was able to pick out a little stuffed animal when he was done. He chose a monkey, along with two truck stickers.

We then had to return back to the doctor's office again to get the results. It is pneumonia.

Grayson is now on a strong dose of antibiotic for the next ten days. I will take him back to the doctor early next week to see if he has improved.

I am hoping and praying for a full recovery quickly for him. He is just so sick of feeling this way!

I feel so sad when they are not feeling good. Everthing else is put on the back burner and all that matters is cuddling these sweet kids.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I Don't Want to Forget

The smell of coffee filling our living room at 6:30 this evening, although it was already set for the morning, after some little hands hit the 'on' button.

The way that Ethan loves the song "We Are the Dinosaurs" by the Laurie Berkner Band. He will march all around the house and sing "We Ahh DiSaurs Marshin Marshin..."

The way that Grayson demonstrates his understanding of the rules of his big boy bed. Tonight on the couch, out of the blue, he said "No Up! Go Seep! Lay Down!" The entire time he is saying the rules he is shaking his head back and forth and shaking his finger. Oh my, I wonder where he learned that from?

We made sock puppets yesterday. Ethan named his Ama. I asked Grayson if his was named Bapa. He said, "No. Puppet." Of course!

They ripped the wiggly eyes off their puppets a few minutes later, saying "Owie eyes," so that was the end of that fun.

Adelyn rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time this morning! She got a bit caught up on her arm underneath her, but she was pretty proud of herself.

I took a 1 1/2 hour nap in the recliner with my baby girl today. When I woke up she was still sound asleep so I spent about ten minutes just studying her tiny nose, eyelashes, cheeks, lips...

The boys have a new game now (taught my Daddy) to hide in the kitchen pantry closet. They jump out and growl and then switch. They take turns doing this over, and over, and over (and over) again.

They are doing really great in their beds. I feel like we are finding our groove and they are gaining a better understanding of how this new freedom works. We have found that putting Ethan in our bed to sleep and putting Grayson in his bed for nap time works wonders (thanks Cheryl!). They have been falling asleep the past few days without any problem or intervention from me and then napping for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.

We move in less than two months. It isn't sinking in yet.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brain Shuffle

I am struggling with a head cold right now, so trying to maintain a coherent thought is quite a stretch. Instead I'm just going to ramble with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Feel free to read if you want, but no pressure. I'm warning you already that I don't know what's going to come out. Throughout this post I am also going to stick some pictures of my precious little Adders who turned five months old this past week. I often call her Cherry since she is just the cherry on the top of this little family of ours. I am smitten with that girl. Completely head over stinkin heels. She's a keeper - in case you were having any doubts about that.

adie 5 months

The boys are gone to their MawMaw's today, giving me a chance to catch my breathe, blow my nose, and actually finish my entire cup of coffee. Speaking of my boys - I'm not sure if I was ever warned by just how much energy two little boys that just turned two years old would have! Unless they are sleeping they are very rarely sitting still. They spin, run, climb and jump everywhere they go. Every morning when I enter their room they look at their beds and say "All done Mommy?" As soon as they know they are free from laying down they are up and at em!


These boys LOVE their sister. Especially Ethan. He gets SO excited when Adelyn is around and is always saying "Hug, Hug." He hugs her at least fifty times a day and talks to her with this little high pitched voice saying, "Ear Adie" as he hands her some toys to play with. He is so gentle with her. Grayson loves to hug her too, but his hugs usually consist of trying to lay his entire body across hers. She still smiles and pulls his hair, but I have to closely watch that little boy with her!


I have been doing some house shopping online today. I have made a few inquiries about a few places of interest that might work for us. How strange to see pictures of these homes and see where we may be living next. It is so true, as some of you have commented, that as long as my family is together THAT is where home will be. I AM so glad that I get to take them with me! I told Chris the other day that we could live in a one bedroom home and we could make it just as long as we're all together. (Preferably though I think we'll try for at least 3). :)


Grayson caught a cold about two weeks ago. We have had many lessons on sharing here recently, and the sweet child is so obedient. He shared it with his brother, who then decided to share it with his sister and myself! I took both boys in to the Dr. at different times due to difficulty breathing, wheezing, etc. I just wanted to make sure it wasn't RSV or something that needed treatment. Luckily that came back negative and it is just a viral thing that is just going to need to take some time. They are both on some medicine to help with their cough, congestion, etc. and seem to be doing much better.


Adie and I are right in the midst of it right now. We are hunkered down here at home today just sneezing, coughing, and snotting together. She is just wanting lots of cuddle time, which is a pretty tough job for me, but I think I'm up to the challenge.


I put a size 3 diaper (Adelyn's) on Ethan the other night (he wears a 6). I didn't realize the mistake I made until he was already sound asleep. I also put the milk in the pantry, but realized it just a few minutes later. I think I need a vacation.


A new set of knives came today. It was a much needed purchase in our home. The knife set we had been using was something we had purchased when we were first married ten years ago. It started out as a Farberware set, but over the years some of those knives have broke and somewhere along the way we have just added random knives to our connection. Some plastic, some was quite the hodge podge. I guess I'll have to cook something now. Hmmm...

Where did that one come from? Oh well. Let's leave it. That was taken BC (before children) with Chris when we first moved in to this home six years ago.

My parents are being pounded with snow in Minnesota. Mom said that you have to actually drive UP if you want to go in any of the ditches. The ditches are usually about 8-10 feet deep! Can someone remind me why we're moving there again, as I enjoy our 60 degree day here today??

All this stuff in Egypt has captivated my attention. I have been scouring the Internet, watching the news, in awe of all that is unfolding there. It is all very unsettling and unnerving to hear about. I wonder what all will come of it. Where will it lead?

A little girl is beckoning her Mama. I guess perhaps I'll have to go nap along with her.


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