Sunday, September 30, 2012

Brain Spew

You've always wanted a demonstration of what exactly goes on between these two ears of mine?  Well hold on, you're in for a ride...or perhaps I should write a read.

Shew. Life.  As I sit here and ponder where to even begin my mind is whirling with a million different thoughts, all of them completely random and not tied to the other.

Life is good.

Life is beautiful.

What an incredible gift.

My little hands are full in this thirty-three year old life of mine.

How did I get to be thirty-three anyhow?  The other day I called my Mother to ask her how old I was.  I was driving and couldn't do the math, and for some reason I could not for the life of me remember if I was thirty-three or thirty-four.  She helped me out, and I was relieved to find that I am the younger of the two.

But seriously.  Who put me in charge?  How am I not still a high school girl going in for my shift at the grocery store where I typically owed money at the end of the month after charging so much to my account during my shifts. (True story.  You can not turn this girl loose in a grocery store filled with delicious food, ask me to work a ten hour shift,and not expect me to want to try all kinds of delicacies that my mother would never purchase. Temptation overload.Smile)

How am I not a late teen-something college girl eating nachos at 3 a.m. with my girlfriends and flirting with boys instead of passing my classes?

How am I not a twenty year old youngin' smitten and completely in love with a boy from Virginia, covered in salmon guts, working my tail off in Alaska? (I have to laugh at that intended pun – because the building Chris worked in was actually referred to as “tail off’)

Thirty-three, a mother of three, two of which are now in preschool?

Written in the words of a true Minnesotan - Uff Da!


And so I’ve discovered that life doesn’t stop being lived just because it’s not being blogged about on here. I don’t know how days, weeks, and even a month passes before I get on here again.  Sometimes though it’s just too formulate words around the life that is being lived within these walls.

That’s why I like pictures to do the talking instead.  So here we go…


The boys are loving school.  On Tuesday and Thursday mornings when I wake them up extra early they literally leap out of bed exclaiming, “It’s a school day!”  I’m not sure how I should interpret their excitement to get away from me for a few hours, but I choose to just be thankful that they are loving it as much as they are!  I have already seen a lot of growth in them in all kinds of areas.  Socially, emotionally, and of course academically.  They are writing their names, reading a bit, and teaching me all kinds of tidbits and new songs along the way.

I am incredibly proud of them and have had tears in my eyes numerous times as they continue to amaze me with how they are growing up.






My little girl turned two. I had to capture her a bit in this season of life, so the other day after dropping the boys off at school her and I visited a local park to get a few shots. To say she loved the alone time and attention is an understatement! She was a complete and total ham!  I am cherishing my alone time with her.  She talks non-stop when her brothers are away, but sure is ready to see them again when we go and pick them up!


Fall has arrived, so along with that comes a visit to the pumpkin patch of course!


We tagged along with some friends and enjoyed an 85 degree afternoon doing wagon rides, a petting zoo, and hunting for that perfect pumpkin!











And for now, that’s a wrap-up of our lives here.  I am going to try, earnestly try, to do better about keeping up on here.  For my own sake, for memories sake.  We’ll see how that goes!

Until next time…

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Preschool Eve


How is it that we’ve gone from this…

g and e

double time


to this…


My sons -

Tonight, as you are snuggled in to your beds, surrounded by bookies and teddy bears, my mind can’t seem to help but drift back to the days that have flashed by us these past years with both of you.  The surprise of knowing you were coming, 11 weeks of bed rest, NICU, chubby babies, savoring your milestones, relishing in the gift of being called “Mommy” by you.



I have loved having you all to myself these past few years.  Not having to share you with anybody else.  Not wanting to share you with anybody else.  You were mine to mold. Mine to shape. Mine to kiss. Mine to love. Mine to grow.

And now you have.  There’s no stopping it I suppose.  And even though part of me wishes time could just be frozen in this place – when you both still call a hood a hook, and when you still want to hold my hand as we walk in to a store – part of me also loves watching your wings spread – even just a little bit.



You’re ready for this.  Even if it’s just two mornings a week, which is plenty for me, you are ready.


Grayson, you told me that you are most excited for doing alphabet stamping.

You are most fearful of falling on the playground and “bledding” and them not having any band aids to patch you up.


Ethan, you are most excited for puppet shows.

You are most nervous about accidentally hanging your back pack up on the wrong hook.


I am so, so proud of you my sons.  Your Dad and I wish you all the best this world has to give you.  As you take your first tiny, size toddler 11, steps away from us tomorrow – we will be cheering you on.  Wiping a tear or two as you walk away, but bursting with excitement about what lies ahead.

We love you fiercely and are truly your biggest fans.

Go get’m boys.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Special Lady

I know I have given tribute on here to this special lady in the past, but once again I just want to mention what an incredible blessing this lady is to our family.


Chris’s mother came and spent two weeks with us in August.  Chris and I had two weddings to attend during that time, so I think we kept her pretty busy and gave her plenty of opportunity to soak in her grandchildren!


When she is here I feel like I have four hands, four eyes, and four legs.  We can get so much knocked out together and she is always more than willing to just jump right in and help out wherever she can.


Her love for her children and grandchildren is very evident.  She puts her family first and truly lays herself down to benefit all of us.

We love you MawMaw!  Looking forward to your visit (with Pop!) in October already!


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