Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Whoa Kind of Life

Life is moving along and some big changes are on the way for our family.

Those big changes have been keeping us busy (aside from having 3 wee ones under the age of 2!)...and therefore I have been horrible about documenting this past month of our lives.

The big change I am speaking of is that the five of us are relocating back to Minnesota. Surprise!

Chris accepted a new position and will begin his new job on November 1st. We will be putting our house on the market October 18th and will be living here until it sells, up until next May.

As you can imagine this is an exciting time for our family. We are excited about this opportunity for Chris and the opportunities it will open up to him after just completing his MBA. I am also excited to live close to my parents, brothers, sister-in-law, and nephew, as well as many members of my large extended family as well.

In the same breath though, it is very tough to leave our home here! Virginia has been our home for the past six years. We have started our family here, made some amazing friends, found a great church, and enjoyed living close to Chris's family during this time. It is hard to leave all that behind and start all over again.

We are stepping out though, really believing and feeling like this is the right move for our family.

As you can imagine, this makes for an even busier life as we prep and prepare the house to go on the market. There are decks to be re-stained, closets to be de-cluttered, floors to be cleaned, toys to be removed...

My Mom has been here for the past week and a half. She has been such an amazing help with the house and the kids. I am LOVING this time with her here. What a gift.

In other news, all three kiddos are doing just fine.

Adelyn will be six weeks old already this next Sunday. I can't believe that! She is just starting to crack many smiles for us and she is such a sweet little cuddlebug. We are still trying to figure out what makes her tick and what type of schedule she seems to be following. She has a mind of her own on that one! I love her to pieces!

Ethan and Grayson are now almost 22 months old. I have no idea how they can be almost two already. I love them at this age. I love the cute things they say and do. They constantly entertain us and keep us guessing. They are such affectionate brothers to Adelyn. They love to hold her, kiss her, and lay their heads on her tummy. I love watching the three of them interact together.

I still have no idea how I have become the cat lady of children. You know what I mean? The lady who goes out in public all disheveled, hair not combed, a few teeth not brushed, extra pounds hanging around the middle, crumbs clinging to my clothes, putting off a funky smell? The lady who seems like only yesterday was a college kid boppin around NWC drinking way too much Mountain Dew and eating way too many nachos at 3 a.m., and here now I have three children? For real? Are they all mine? When did this happen? How did this happen? (I think we finally have the "how" part figured out!). I have had to resort to doing head counts in public to make sure I have all my children. I feel like I'm back with my students on field trips again reading off the class roster "Grayson?" "Here." "Ethan?" "Here." "Adelyn?" Here.

More to come later. My recess is over!


  1. I hear you!!! I just finished a Walmart trip today with my three. At least Aiden and Bryan are still immobile! I've learned how to fit all three into a cart and still squeeze in lots of groceries. I'm sure we're quite a spectacle, as we get lots of comments! I always accept the cashier's offer to get someone to help me out to my car. . . I've definitely become a cat lady too!

  2. Glad you're doing well! :) Miss ya!

  3. WHAT!!!!???? How did I miss this????

    I AM excited for you, but so sad to have you all leave. :(


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