Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Special Lady

I know I have given tribute on here to this special lady in the past, but once again I just want to mention what an incredible blessing this lady is to our family.


Chris’s mother came and spent two weeks with us in August.  Chris and I had two weddings to attend during that time, so I think we kept her pretty busy and gave her plenty of opportunity to soak in her grandchildren!


When she is here I feel like I have four hands, four eyes, and four legs.  We can get so much knocked out together and she is always more than willing to just jump right in and help out wherever she can.


Her love for her children and grandchildren is very evident.  She puts her family first and truly lays herself down to benefit all of us.

We love you MawMaw!  Looking forward to your visit (with Pop!) in October already!


  1. Oh my Beth...you bring tears to my eyes. I do love and adore my children and grandchildren. I truly feel blessed and cherish all the wonderful moments. And you Beth...you are a special blessing to me...and a true gift from God to your children and Chris.
    Love you all Mawmaw!

  2. John5.9.12

    She not only is a blessing to you but to all of us to have been Blessed to have the honor to know her and love her. Thank you Linda for all you do for beth, chris and the children..

  3. Anonymous5.9.12

    A special lady, indeed! One of my best friends! I love you, Mom! :)


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