Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First Family Vacation


A couple of weeks ago Chris and I snuck away with the kids for our first official family getaway.  We finally felt like we had reached a point where the kids were able to handle it and thought we could really enjoy a couple days away from it all.

We rented a rustic cabin at a state park here in Minnesota.  We went in the middle of the week and felt like we were almost the only ones at the park.  It was so secluded and quiet.  As quiet as it can get with these rascals at least! Smile

We brought our bikes and rode some trails. We chased up deer and all kinds of critters.  The kids were in heaven!

At night we slept in this small 14x16 one bedroom cabin. There were two bunk beds.  Of course both boys wanted to sleep in the top bunk!  They loved it and did great both nights. We set up Adelyn’s pack and play between the two beds.  It was slick!

We played board games, colored, read books, had fires and went on nature walks. 

We came upon this 100 foot tower while out walking.  Adelyn and I made it up about 20 feet before we decided to turn back around. The boys on the other hand wanted to keep climbing and asked their Daddy to go with them!  They made it all the way to the top! I was such a mess.  I couldn’t bring myself to look up at them as they were climbing.  I took pictures of Adelyn to keep myself occupied!  I was a proud Mother once their feet touched ground again!

Pumpkin Patch

It is so awesome to be at this point in our family where it isn’t all about newborns and night feedings and diapers.  I loved all those stages, but I am loving this time of our life when we can begin to experience new things as a family.  There is nothing like being with those four precious people.  They are my glue.


  1. I loved reading this! I can't imagine "camping" in the cold weather you must be having, but it looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'm still in the diapers/nursing baby/not-everyone-can-walk stage, and knowing Rachel is our last baby makes me not really want this stage to hurry along too fast. I'm so glad to hear of the rainbows waiting for me (and our family!)!

  2. and many many more of these outings to come. Those sweet little ones are just like magnets to all the newness this world has to offer through the eyes of their Mommy and Daddy. You guys are the best beth and Chris and these darlings will flurish with all you teach and give them. Thank you God that you are able to give them so much of your time.

    lovr you all


    1. You are so right John. I could not have said it better myself!!!! Such a precious family:)


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