Sunday, July 7, 2013

Broken Bones

It’s an inevitable part of motherhood and childhood.  A child injured beyond a bloody knee or an ear infection is bound to happen.  It happened for us this morning at church.

Ethan was coming down the slide of a bounce house head first with his arms outstretched when his brother, for whatever reason, took it upon himself to jump on him.  Ethan began writhing around in pain grabbing his chest and shoulder.  He wasn’t able to calm himself down and so I knew he must have hurt something pretty good. I was supposed to teach the second round of Sunday School today, but knew that Ethan needed to be seen.  I texted my friend Melissa and she came in the room. I met her in tears and told her that I needed to take Ethan in.  She offered to take care of Grayson and Adelyn for me while I took Ethan in. She reassured me that she would take care of teaching my class and my kiddos and I should just go and focus fully on Ethan.  She was my lifesaver. 

I took Ethan to the ER where we had to wait a while before being brought back and having xrays taken.  The scan showed a break of his right clavicle.  My poor sweetheart was in quite a bit of pain when they were trying to maneuver him around.  In a quiet moment together in tears I told him that I would do anything to have it be my clavicle broken instead of him.  I told him how much it hurt me when he hurt.  He looked at me with those teary big brown eyes and he said,” Mommy, in heaven there are no headaches, ear infections or broken bones.  I wish I was in heaven right now and I wish you were there with me.” 

He is now home with some medicine and a sling.  We will call the orthopedic doctor in the morning and hopefully get seen soon to figure out what the next step is going to be. 

My parents offered without hesitation to take Grayson and Adelyn to the farm so that I don’t have to try to keep them entertained and cared for, while at the same time keeping Ethan contained and out of harms way.  They were a huge help to my stress level today and I am so thankful for them!

Daddy is feeling far away in San Diego and has been in frequent contact all day.  He is proud of his little boy and the trooper he’s been all day long. 

We had fun skyping with MawMaw and Pop today as well. Seeing the kitty cat and hearing a couple Blue Goose Stories was good medicine for my sweet boy.

We have had such an outpouring of love today and I am so blessed and thankful.  You just never know what a day is going to bring and I know that it could have been so much worse, so truly I am thankful.  In the meantime I have been given this gift of some awesome one on one time with my son for the next few days while we start the process of healing.

Ethan broken collarbone


  1. Sweet little honey! Amazing what pain meds can do as i see this picture!!! My dear little guy, so thankful that is all it is, yet how hard to see.

  2. Precious little fellow:) Sweet and loving mommy:) What a joy it is to hear that you are feeling better and so awesome that Mommy can spend some special time with you:) What a special blessing that Ama and Bapa are caring for the kiddos at the farm to give you a chance to get this all taken care of. Please tell Daddy hello for us and know that we love you lots, and lots, and lots, and lots:) Praying for you complete healing:) Love, Pop and Mawmaw


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