Monday, May 17, 2010

I Dunno!

A few weeks ago as we were eating dinner I played a little game with the boys. Ethan's milk cup had fallen off his tray and was wedged down beside him. I asked him, "Ethan, where's your milk?" He just looked at me. I then held up my hands and I said "I don't know." I then pulled his milk out and said "Here it is!" Both boys got a big kick out of it. A really big kick out of it (they really think I am the funniest person e.v.e.r.! One of the best parts of being a Mom of toddlers! Wait until they're 16 and they roll their eyes at all my attempted jokes!). They both started taking their milk cups, sticking them down in their laps, holding up their hands, and saying "I dunno!"

It has now carried over. All day long when you ask them where anything

Where's Daddy?
Where's Grandma?
Where's the car?
Where's the ball?
Where's Ethan?
Where's Grayson?
Where's the moon?

Every time they stop what they're doing, put their hands up in the air, and say "I dunno!"

Whenever the boys get a bath they love to run around the house with their hooded towel flowing behind them. Up and down the hallway they run, screaming, giggling, and chasing each other. Tonight I was sitting in the living room folding some laundry while my little toweled toddlers squealed throughout the house. All of the sudden it got quiet. I looked up, and there in the kitchen doorway stood two completely naked little boys. Their towels had fallen off of them and were laying on the floor. Both boys were holding their little hands up in the air and they looked right at me and said "I dunno!" Then off like a streak they took off running without their towels.


Here is a picture taken with Grandpa and Grandma a few days ago showing their little hands. It is just too stinkin' cute!

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