Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You're Not the Boss Of Me!

I clearly remember telling my babysitter that one time in my Grandma's bedroom when I was about nine years old after she placed me in there for back talking (I know! Me! Can you imagine such a thing!).

I also recall the said babysitter spanking me after I said it.

And on we go....

Lately the boys have been asserting their authority, trying to figure out just where their freedom of speech and action begin and end. The other day I reminded the boys that their Mommy and Daddy were their boss, and Jesus was our boss.

This morning at breakfast Grayson said, "Grayson boss!" I said, "No Grayson. Mommy and Daddy are your boss. Do you remember who Mommy's boss is?" Grayson sat still for a moment, and said emphatically, while nodding his head up and down, "Coffee!"


  1. I can just picture him saying this!! And his little head nodding!!! So funny!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. HAHAHAA! He was so close....but not quite right!

  3. Dear goodness, this is so funny. My kids might be prone to say the same thing. (Well, actually Kaylee has told me that she and Logan are my boss.) :)


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