Sunday, March 27, 2011

Status Update

Well really...the blog title just fit the occasion, even if I am borrowing it from Facebook. :)
IMG_5393 we are. Or at least, here I am. Sitting on the couch, in my living room, melancholy as I soak in the fact that this is my last Monday evening that I will be in this house. I know that all week long I will keep thinking to myself 'This is my last Tuesday. This is my last's all coming to an end whether I am ready for it to or not.
In some ways I just want it to get here. For nearly six months we have done this whole back and forth traveling thing with Chris and it will be SO nice to just be together, settled in our new home as a family. I'm also SO excited to see my family and meet my nephew Micah for the first time. That just goes without saying!
I have been stalling when it comes to saying goodbye to my friends and family here. I just don't want to do it. I keep trying to find just one more time to get together so I can put off the goodbye just a little bit longer. I have started to realize that the day will soon be approaching (yikes) and we just need to bite the bullet and do this thing!
Six more days.
It's been seven years.
7 out of our 10 married years have been spent here in Virginia. That's a large chunk of "our" life so far.
It's all my children have ever known (although they will most likely never remember which makes me sad). I know that many new adventures await and that makes me excited.
I have had some awesome friends really encourage me in enjoying this new season in our lives. To think of it as being a fresh start, a new really opening ourselves up and stretching ourselves in new ways.
I have been looking back at pictures on my computer and in my mind these past few weeks. Reliving so many memories. I have made some incredible friendships in my time here that I know will last a lifetime. I have had some people come in to my life who have walked with me through some difficult times. I have made some friends who have been there and mentored me as I started my new career as a teacher. I have made some friends who have made me laugh until I cried. I have made some friends who have stretched me, challenged me, and yet loved me for exactly the person I am. I am thankful for each and every person that I now call friend that I am leaving behind. Each of you will be missed. Thank you for playing such a role in my life so far. I have been blessed.
Oh my. If I let myself go there with having to think about leaving all of our life here behind, I have a hard time and my emotions get the best of me. I have just been keeping myself busy to try and put off dealing with it. I wonder when it all really is going to hit me.
When will I have time to just sit and process all that is going on? I'm not sure it will really sink in until I fly back here in a few weeks for closing with Chris. When we walk through this home and see everything gone, rooms empty, walls bare. I think then I will have my closure.




  1. Tears, oh, the tears, Karfie! You will be so dearly missed. I hate that today is the day that we will say goodbye!!! Shall I pack tissues?! :(

  2. bitter sweet.... miss you already! Will be praying the move goes super smooth!


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