Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daddy Day

There’s just something about a Dad.


I kinda like that guy above.  I’ll take the kids too.

He has this way with them.

They love their Mommy.  I mean obviously right? Smile

But there is something about this man in their life that they call Daddy.

I see it in the way they look at him.

The way they listen when he speaks.

The way they act after having some time with him.

They need their Dad.

He plays an important role, and one thing I admire and love about Chris is that he recognizes that.

He works hard at his job all day long, but when he comes home he sheds that role and his Father gear goes on head to toe.


Is he a perfect Father?  No.  He freely and openly admits that.  He has flaws, imperfections, areas that he is always working on…kinds like me.

But it doesn’t change his heart for his children.  He is passionate about them.


Yesterday was a special day, celebrating our appreciation of this man in our life and all that he does for this family of ours.  Church, picnic, frozen yogurt….


then later a movie and dinner out with the boys.



At the end of his meal this note arrived to the table.  The picture is a bit hard to read, but it says, “ Have a Happy Father’s Day. May God Bless You and Your Family.  Bill is Paid”  Isn’t that just the most incredible gift?  Chris brought this home to me and I just started to cry.  How thoughtful that someone noticed him out with his sons last night and honored him in this way.  It meant so much to him!



And while those boys got to go out and have their fun little Miss and I celebrated the end of Fathers Day with a little girl time.  Painting our nails!  It was Ms. A’s first go at this.  I love the look in the top right pic above where she’s giving that bottle of polish quite the eye.  I also love that you can now appreciate and love along with me our beautiful wallpaper in our master bath.  Sorry to have sparked some jealousy on your behalf now though.

And what would Fathers Day be without recognizing the amazing man that I get to call Daddy!





He is one of the kindest, gentlest, funniest, most hard working people I have ever met.

He loves his wife, children, and grandchildren fiercely.  He always has.  I have never questioned my place with my Dad.  I have known since I can remember that I am loved, loved, loved by him.  He is approachable.  He is always willing to jump in whenever he can.  Just today he stopped by for a quick visit, and after scooping Adelyn up out of her crib he noticed she needed a diaper change.  He went ahead and just did it.  Not handing her off to me, but just asking me where a clean diaper was and getting the job done!

I love you Dad!

And while you might think that I am just going to keep tossing amazing fathers in to my blog post – I promise this last guy is going to wrap this baby up.


Beth's Pictures April 2011 145

Beth's Pictures April 2011 300

This man too has been such an example to his family.  An example of what an honest, hard working, loving man is.  Chris’s Mom is his first priority.  It is always known and has always been such an inspiration for me to witness.  Chris has learned much from his Dad.  He is a respected, much loved individual by so many – including five people in Minnesota!  We love you Pop!


  1. Oh, I love all of this, but the bill being paid? That really gets me and makes me want to cry, too! What a gift!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Davene. Now go to bed! :)

  3. I love this deeply touching blog Beth! What gifts God has given to you. I love this definition of family that I heard on the radio the other day: A FAMILY - A CRADLE THE CHILD IS NURTURED IN SO THAT CHILD MAY FULFILL THEIR PLACE IN THE PURPOSE OF GOD
    and your children are being nurtured by their father and their mother...and they are blessed!

    1. I love that Mom! That is beautiful. I know we aren't doing everything perfectly. We are flawed- but loving our children isn't a problem! Hopefully they will at least know that...they are deeply loved.


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