Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Day At The Park

Another summer day, another picnic. 




(Probably the most attractive picture of me ever taken doncha think?)


I think we eat lunch at home about once a week during the summer. It is just too beautiful outside to sit at the kitchen table!


My sons.  With skinned up knees.  Those poor little knees never have a chance to heal! As soon as they do the boys fall again and the process starts over.  Boys + summer = banged up skin I’m figuring out.

(Ethan left, Grayson right)


What more do you need beyond a river and some sticks?  Oh, and in this picture they are poking a dead fish. I had no idea until after I snapped the picture and Grayson asked me, “Mommy, why isn’t that fish swimming very much?”



This is Adelyn’s new scared face.  I melt from the cuteness. (She wanted us all to do it in the pic above)



Can I just share one more story in relation to this peach?  Last night her and I made a grocery run together.  We were waiting at the check out line and all the sudden I notice this puddle on the floor under our cart.  I had put some laundry detergent on the bottom and thought for sure it was leaking.  I started inspecting the bottle and it too was all wet.  I was checking it over for a leak until Adelyn pipes in, “Pee-pee Mommy.”  She started lifting up her dress and sure enough – she was soaked.  It was one of those moments where you’re just not sure where to begin.  I had some wipes in my purse, so I was able to clean the floor and the detergent bottle. I finished our purchase and changed Adelyn in the car.  As a parent you just never know what’s going to happen in any given day.  I like the spontaneity.  Smile

*I’m not in love with our new blog header – but was ready for something different and just didn’t have a picture that I really wanted to put in there yet.  I want to make some major changes to this blog – but time is a factor and I just can’t find much of it to use on things like that. 


  1. Precious! You are such a good momma! :) Miss ya, dear friend! :)

    1. Thanks Dana for commenting! I miss you so much too! You are such an amazing mother too and a huge inspiration to me!

  2. love love the pictures Beth. You captured summer days perfectly!! What memories you are creating for your kids!!!

    1. Thanks Mom. Moments like those make it all worth it.

  3. You are such a great mommy Beth. These moments are what your little ones will times together in the summer just enjoying all the awesomeness that comes with being a kid...they are precious, they are blessed, we love you all!!!


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