Saturday, December 1, 2012


A little getaway is all you need.

Just a chance to set all the lists, both physically and mentally, aside and get refocused on what really needs to be accomplished.

And what is it exactly that needs to be accomplished?

Reconnecting on a whole new level to these people that I cherish most…


Arriving in Duluth.  They still had no idea what to expect.

Duluth is such an incredible part of Minnesota.  It is on the threshold of the wild wilderness of the northern part of this state.  It sits right on the coast of Lake Superior.  Large barges, ships, and factories dot it’s shoreline.  Steam billows across the skyline escaping from the smokestacks, and just seems to add to the ambience of this majestic city.  I just love it, and although it’s just two hours from our home, I feel like I am in a whole ‘nother state entirely. 

We arrived at the resort and Chris went in to get registered.  Ethan had to use the restroom in an urgent kind of way, so Chris took him quickly inside while I waited with the other two in the car.  Within seconds of entering the building Ethan said, “I smell water.  Where is the swimming?” Smart little stinker! Smile

We loaded our arms with bags and went to our room.  The kids were so excited running around claiming their spots and checking out all the sites!  The mid-week deal we reserved gave us a two bedroom suite so we were able to spread out and give the kids a bedroom all to themselves. This allowed Chris and I stay up a little bit past their bedtime and play some Phase 10 and have some adult conversation!

After we settled in to our room we explored the resort for a bit. Once we got out in to the hallway Grayson said to Ethan, “I wonder where the slides are.”  Those rascals thought they already had it all figured out!  Their eyes lit up though when they saw all the indoor waterpark had to offer!  I think their eyes may have been even larger when they saw the large arcade right next to it!  We promised them that the following day was going to be filled with water, water, and more water time – but that that night we had something else special planned.

We got all bundled up and headed back to the car. We headed down to an area of Duluth called Canal Park.  Chris and I had come across a website for a brewery earlier in the day that we thought looked interested and wanted to try out for dinner.  we parked the van by the light show and walked about half a mile to the restaurant.  By the time we reached the front doors our noses were a little red, our cheeks a little rosy, and our stomachs a little hungry! They seated us and then the waitress asked us if were V.I.P.  Ha! I had to chuckle.  I looked around at my three children and husband.  All of us wiping our noses and rubbing our hands together.  We didn’t exactly fit the bill for V.I.P.!  It turns out it was a special night at the brewery for it’s owners and managers. It hadn’t even been opened yet to the general public!  They didn’t boot us out though and let us be some of the first “regular” patrons to give it a test run!  It was delicious!  Chris and I both had fish tacos and the kids had a very unique delicacy called a hot dog. Smile  They didn’t complain!


Notice Grayson’s right eye?  He got whacked pretty good last weekend trying to give his Uncle Michael a hug.  He missed and fell face first in to a chair instead. Gave himself a pretty big gash that needed some butterflies to hold shut.

After dinner we walked back to the van and hopped inside to get all bundled up with snowpants, boots, and the whole nine yards. 


That’s a lot of Minnesota cuteness in one little pink package!

Next we went to the Christmas light show at Bentlyville.  It was really remarkable.  There was music playing, everything was lit up, and the first station we came to was a free hot chocolate and cookie stand.  After walking a bit further we came across a free popcorn stand.  Just around the bend from that was an area where they were handing out marshmallows on sticks and there were about ten fires burning in barrels where you could roast your own marshmallows. It was incredible! 


The last stop of the tour was to see Santa Claus. Being that it was a Wednesday evening there was barely any line so were able to get up close and personal with the jolly old man in no time flat.

Adelyn wasn’t a fan.

She was staring him down from a distance, but had no interest whatsoever in sitting on his lap when the time came.  She said, “I stay Mommy!”

Ethan and Grayson on the other hand climbed right up there.  When asked what they wanted for Christmas Grayson replied, “presents” and Ethan replied, “everything!”



Each child was then given a knit stocking cap and a bag of cookies.

I guess this was originally started by a local farmer who just wanted to offer some Christmas cheer to the community. It grew large enough that he wasn’t able to house it on his farm anymore so it has moved down along the waterway.  It is run completely by volunteers and is free to the public. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. It is certainly something I would love to do again!


One of the reindeer.  Donner? Blitzen? Comet?  Your guess is as good as mine. Adelyn didn’t like him either. At all.


The next morning after breakfast it was pool time!  The kids (and Chris) were wild with excitement!  I regret not having better pictures of the inside, but I was so busy doing that I didn’t take the time to stop and snap many pics around the water. 

The boys loved riding on the tube slide with their Daddy. They both claimed that as their highlight. Adelyn on the other hand couldn’t get enough of the hot tub. A girl after my own heart!  She loved to sit on the edge and just dangle her feet in the warm water while I sat next to her soaked up to my neck in the delicious warmth.  When I offered to take her on the slides or to the lazy river or anything else she would say, “No thank you. I stay in hot tub.” 



We were also given a voucher for a free 16'” cheese pizza.  We decided to have that for lunch poolside yesterday.  While we were drying off waiting for our pizza we were approached by one of the managers there.  She said that they were supposedly shooting a commercial in there and apologized to us for the interference.  We had barely even noticed anything going on and said it was no big deal.  She said that because of the nuisance to us she wanted us to have anything to drink with our pizza on the house, along with dip’n’dots ice cream for dessert!  She kept asking us what else we would like and really wanted to make our stay all that much more enjoyable!  We were amazed and truly did feel like V.I.P! Smile

We also had a bit of arcade time yesterday afternoon.  I think the kids and I had just as much fun as the kids! Especially after I discovered a Wheel of Fortune game!  Aside from doing a flash mob, another bucket list item of mine is playing on Wheel of Fortune! I love that game! I won over 60 tickets playing, which equated itself to a pencil or a set of plastic clapping hands. Smile


This girl is such a mess. She kept asking me, “I ride that cycle ‘gain Mommy please?”


Ethan tried his hand at a hunting game.  It wasn’t his favorite. He liked the whack-a-mole game the best!

There, as always, were a few minor hiccups along the way.  Like Adelyn screaming at the reindeer, a wet bed, and a tired little girl who desperately needed a nap after lunch…but overall it was a huge success!


  1. awesome blog Beth!!! What a getaway!!! So happy that you did that!!!

  2. What fun!!!!! You are doing an incredible job of making happy memories with your family. I love it! :)


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