Thursday, January 3, 2013

December…In a Nutshell

A month has passed since I have graced this blog.  December was a spectacular month.  My main goal was just try to slow down time so that it could truly just be soaked in.  I feel like we were able to accomplish that as much as was possible with two boys having a birthday, special company for a week, and all the celebrations that come with Christmas!

Here is a summary of some of the highlights of our month past:


Ethan and Grayson seem pretty miserable in the arms of their dear friend Jasmine don’t they?  Smile These two sweet girls live DIRECTLY behind our house.  Jasmine also attends preschool with Ethan and Grayson, so they have grown pretty close.


We went to a Christmas parade in early December. There was not yet any snow on the ground, but it wasn’t long after this picture we had our first storm!

December 2012

We had a great time celebrating Ethan and Grayson’s fourth birthday a week before their actual birthday.  We rented out a local gymnasium for a couple of hours.  It was so wonderful to just be able to show up and hang out and not have to do any cleaning or cooking or planning!  I loved playing with the kids and getting right in to the action. In fact, I think everybody did!  What a great reason to celebrate! We also loved the fact that Pop and MawMaw had flown in the night before, so both sets of Grandparents joined in the fun!


Adoring eyes from Grayson


The night before the boys actual birthday we went out to dinner at Famous Daves.  We surprised the boys with an ice cream sundae and some cupcakes. They were very happy little boys! 


Last night of being 3…

IMG_5406Where have my babies gone?


They enjoyed a few snuggles on the couch with MawMaw before calling it a night.



The next morning when they woke up they came downstairs and saw the birthday banner hanging in the kitchen. They started dancing around singing, “We’re four! We’re four! We’re four!”  They climbed up on the couch with Chris and I and the four of us sat and watched this together:

I hope that video works.  I don’t always have the best of luck posting those things!  It was a very emotional birthday for me. I felt myself reliving those weeks of bed rest and the experience of those tiny babes of mine in the NICU. I was overwhelmed with my excitement of celebrating their lives, while at the same time mourning the tragic loss of those precious lives in Connecticut.  It made their birthday all that much more rich and real to me.  I am so thankful for these sons and a God who would entrust them to my care for however long He sees fit. They are truly a gift to us.

More to come…


  1. I missed you here on the blog during your absence, but of course you were doing the most important thing: loving and being present for your family!

    These pictures are so, so adorable - all of 'em! :)

    1. Davene - I know! I'm sorry for my long absence! I loved tucking myself away, but really missed documenting our lives on here too! Miss you friend!

  2. I loved this post! I just went back to it and watched the video, and it was so touching. You always amaze and impress me with all you do for your family and how much you enjoy every moment of your children's lives. Keep blogging whenever you can!

    1. Thank you Sally! You are always so full of encouragement and kind words. That means so much and truly inspires me to keep writing! And just keeping it real - I don't enjoy EVERY moment of my children's lives - but I try to focus on the moments I do enjoy. :)Thank you for reading!

  3. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it! Miss you!


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