Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tough Questions

After naps this afternoon the kids and I headed out to run a few errands and enjoy the sunshine after some rain this morning. We pulled in to the parking lot at the park and I spotted a man leaning against the side of the building. No car in sight. Just standing there smoking a cigarette. I just had an unsettled feeling in my gut. From the back seat I heard commentary of "Play here!" "This park! This park!" We had played at this same park a few days earlier and they had loved it. They recognized it.

However, I just couldn't bring myself to unload three children out of the car and ignore that little voice telling me to drive away.

Was that man any danger to me or my children? Probably not. Do I know for sure? No.

So we drove away. As we were leaving the park I told the boys that I just didn't feel comfortable playing at that park that day without Daddy being there with us and we would find another park.

Grayson then said to me "Man scary?" It was just out of the blue. I hadn't even at that point mentioned anything to them about that man, but I guess he had perhaps sensed it too.

Just the other day Chris and I were commenting on how the boys have never yet had to experience anyone who has done them wrong, even anyone who has ever been mean to them. They are very trusting, very friendly boys, and they have never met a stranger.

I took the opportunity today though to give the stranger talk. We talked about how you have to be careful around people you don't know. I told them that most people are very, very nice - but just like dogs (we had the nice dog/mean dog talk a few days ago!), there are some nice people and some people that aren't so nice.

I hated giving that talk.

I hated looking in my rear view mirror and seeing these precious little faces with their eyes open wide, looking out the window, soaking in all that I was telling them, trying to process it.

So many questions followed...

Some people nice?

Some people mean?

Be careful?

Ethan even sensed my heart as we had this conversation. "Mommy sad?" he asked me.

Oh precious children. I wish I could just always keep you in this protected place. This place where you don't ever have to fear, to question, to be guarded. I love your freedom, your love for people, your trusting hearts.

I feel so inadequate sometimes as I cautiously and carefully raise you up in to men, and Adelyn in to a woman. Trying to give you a realistic view of this world, but also protecting and holding on to your incredible innocence.


  1. Oh a mother, ALWAYS listen to your heart, your gut, your instincts regarding your children. You were so very right to not subject yourself or the children to a situation that you felt uneasy about. This is why I just love you so are such a great and loving mother. Sorry you had to plant the seeds today with the boys about good vs evil...but I am certain you did it in a way that provided understanding for the children while still maintaining their feeling of security. I have always loved the way you talk to your children...they are blessed:)
    Love, Mom .

  2. I too am so proud of you beth--I'm sure the talk was so hard but you did so right.. what a great MaMa you are. God Bless you peanut

  3. I feel your heart. I don't know why I'm getting teary-eyed right now!! :)

    It sounds like you handled the situation and the talk with much grace. Good for you for being in tune with the Spirit!

  4. I know. I watch their innocence and I see so much of my own past girlhood hopes and dreams in Ava's heart......and it makes me hurt.....knowing that reality can be so harsh. We were never created to experience or know so much evil, but here we are in a fallen world, and it never seems to evil and scary until you have children.

    I'm sure you did a great job explaining it to your boys. And Ethan....just too sweet.


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