Saturday, April 30, 2011

There's Just Something About It

After a couple rainy days here, and being stuck indoors, it felt so good to get out yesterday for a bit together.

There is nothing like a little sunshine and exercise to put everyone in a good mood!

We have been discovering many new parks around town, and so far the boys have given four thumbs up to them all! Chris and I lived in this city 7 years ago. We spent our first three married years here together. It is amazing though how different it looks here through the eyes of a mother. I am seeing things I never saw before, and now care about things I never cared much about before! Like the parks!


Ethan taking a sip with his brothers help.


Enjoying a picnic lunch. Even Adelyn got in on some of the action with some mango and pears.


Ethan showing me the "Daddy S"




Along for the ride in the Ergo


  1. Looks like you had a nice day!! The picnic looks so fun! We will have to do that with you.
    I miss those little rascals!!
    Love you all.

  2. Oh, yes, parks are so important! I'm glad the boys gave them four thumbs up. :)

  3. Beth, I absolutely love and adore your parenting are such a good mother. Picnics and parks are so much a part of this world that little ones truly need. Bless you for bringing to light for them the important things in life:)
    Love, Mom H.


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