Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chocolate Shake

Some of you reading this may have already seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to document it on here too. :)

Last night I came walking into the living room after putting Adelyn to sleep. I started saying something to Chris and he just gave me this look. The closer I got the more I noticed something all over Chris's face but I just couldn't place what it was. Chris said, "Do you notice anything?" Then I looked down at the pillow and saw it was completely covered in chocolate powder.

I guess just minutes before Grayson had come running in to the room with a large container of Nesquick, turned it upside down over Chris's head and said, "Daddy!" As soon as Chris looked up and saw what was going on he tried to yell out "NO!", but it was too late. The entire contents of the container poured down on his head.

What follows is the interview I had with Grayson after it was all done.

Ohhhh children. They keep us laughing that's for sure!


  1. OMH! I'm mlaughing so hard right now. In the same breath I'm a tad nervous for the yrs to come. How could ya be mad at that sweet face!

  2. I know I shouldn't laugh...but I did. :)


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