Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Prairie

For the past few days we have escaped to the prairie.

Chris has been out of town attending a conference in Pennsylvania, so the kids and I decided that we would take advantage of the opportunity to come to Mom and Dad's house for a couple of days.

I love coming home.

There is just something about driving the highway out here. Gazing out over the horizon and seeing mile upon mile, until the sky and the earth appear to collide.

Last night Mom and I took a walk together. Talking, walking, admiring. The mushroom clouds filled the sky - in shades of pink and purple. It was a beautiful evening, a coolness to the breeze, and we found it hard to go inside.

After a day of running around the yard shirtless, picking and eating peas out of the garden with Ama, and swimming in the pool, Ethan exclaimed last night at dinner, "This is so fun. This is so fun being at Ama and Bapa's house."

Thanks Mom and Dad for providing such an awesome place to escape to. A place without traffic or confined spaces. A place where there are acres upon acres of land to explore. A place where fingernails turn black. A place where clothes don't have to match. A place where my children are so loved and so content.

A place called home.

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  1. What a beautiful entry to your blog, Beth...and what a tribute to your parents and your home growing up. You are so right...those little ones will enjoy and cherish forever their time at Ama and Bapa's farm and all the fun, love, and warmth they feel. It is a blessed time for all of you.
    Love you, Mawmaw


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