Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

Playing Outside

Getting ready to go outside takes up the same amount of time that we actually stay outside and play.  However, no pictures are taken of the preparations, as these two hands are full of mittens, hats, coats, boots, snow pants, tissues wiping runny noses, and boy’s little waists who keep trying to run away.  As I pull my hair back out of my eyes, I find myself questioning if it is even worth it. We could just stay in and wait for spring…but once we get out there…that fresh air is good for all of us. Smile

I must also note that within seconds of opening the garage door, Adelyn took off for the end of the driveway, where there is this huge puddle of melting, icy slush.  I was fumbling around with bringing the garbage can in and couldn’t reach her in time.  She planted face first right in to the middle of the puddle.  Can you just imagine it?  This puffy little girl – completely marshmallow from head to toe, sprawled out and soaking wet.  I scooped her up and she just laughed and laughed.  Her brothers and I laughed right along with her!


  1. I go through the same rigamarole with coats, hats, mittens, and shoes everyday as well! It does take time and patience! I'm so glad that my boys LOVE to play outside despite the cold. It's sooooo much better than last year when I felt like we had to stay indoors because they were so little.

  2. I only have one to dress and I think THAT is a chore....I can't imagine THREE!!! I am exhausted reading this and kudos to you!! We all need fresh air don't we!? Glad you guys enjoying fun laughs together and that you documented it!!


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