Monday, February 6, 2012


I love my sons.  The way they constantly need to jump off of and over everything in their path.  And how they ask their daddy to “wrestle me please!”.  The way they are drawn to dirt and balls and trucks and playing football (They hold the ball, hurdle some obstacles laying on the ground and then fly in to their beanbags and say, “42, 42, set hut!”) But also their sensitive sides.  The adoring full cheese grin I get from Grayson sometimes and the tender back scratch I got from Ethan last night while brushing teeth.



there is just something about being the Mommy to a little girl.


A little girl whose hair is now long enough to pull back in to the cutest little pig tails I have ever stinkin seen.


I could weep thinking about how sweet and tender and gentle this little girl of mine is.


Her tiny little voice…

Her sweet giggle…


I feel like I have been given this extra special little gift.  Our little cherry on the top. 

I love having a daughter.


  1. How true! It's even great when you get your "cherry" first. How many times she has helped me keep my sanity!

  2. ANd I am so thankful for my daughter too!! Your daughter is a carbon!! Love the piggies!!! Love the pics!!! Isn't she a gift?

  3. What a sweet little angel who looks just like her mommy!!!! I cannot wait to hug her see those little pig tails in person!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the boys have something to pull on:)

  4. Bapa7.2.12

    That little " Trixie" has captured this BaPa's heart for sure. She for sure is the Cherry on top!

  5. You said it right! There is just something about being a momma to a little girl. Jack has a special place in my heart that no one can touch, but Ava.....I can't describe it! And I think you know what I mean.

    Such a cutie your girl is! I remember Ava's first pigtails.


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