Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Saying Goodbye


As I write this letter my mind is flooded with thoughts of what my Grandma is seeing and experiencing at this very moment.  This morning, at around 10:30, she left us.  She was ready.  Having reached the age of 95 she accomplished all that she had hoped and dreamed.  Having raised a beautiful family, retiring from a career as a teacher, being married to an amazing man for seventy years, having her picture taken in front of every state capital, traveling and exploring the world – well, she made it a good one.

She has left behind an amazing legacy.  Her children, her grandchildren, and her husband rise and call her blessed.

Her sweet gentle spirit, her love for her family, her grandchildren, and her great grandchildren will always be etched in my mind.  She was a strong woman of faith and had strong moral values by which she lived her life. 

A few of my favorite memories that are flooding me today…

The countless Tripoly games that we played while sleeping overnight at their home. There was usually a bag of Twizzlers and Peanut M&M’s involved as well!

The way she would greet us at the door whenever we came to visit.  She would clap her hands together and come running to us, as fast as her little body could carry her.  She would always greet us by name and her voice would proclaim her enthusiasm for seeing us.  She always made us feel welcomed.

Her breakfast, as we now affectionately call “The Grandma Berres Breakfast” is still made in my house many mornings.  It consists of scrambled eggs, little smokies, orange rolls and orange juice.  My grandpa was in charge of icing the rolls – but everything else was her domain.

Her teaching me to play Kings Korner.  She was a card shark and tough to beat!

She was a whiz when it came to Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. She wouldn’t miss an episode and was able to fire off the answers more quickly than the players!

She was an avid reader and would usually have a stack of at least 5 books by her at all times.  Towards the end of her life her vision began to go. It was so tough on her to have to give up one of her passions like that.

She adored sports.  This girl could talk Twins and Vikings with the best of them.  My Grandpa would pretend to be involved, but there was no joking about it when it came to her! 

You are going to be missed dearly precious Grandma!  Life on this Earth truly won’t be the same without you around.

Gladly I know that the best is truly to come.  You died this morning with your eyes wide and a huge smile spread across your face.  Seeing something beautiful.  I’ll see you there one day and I look forward to the clapping of your hands as you proclaim my name and welcome me in.

I love you!


  1. Amy Crawford7.2.13

    WOW, what a beautiful tribute. I love your faith and you have such a special way with words. Your grandmother "is" so proud of you and will always be proud of you. Those traditions will live on in your memory as well as in your own family as you choose to carry them on. No one can ever take those memories from you. My grandmother passed away two years ago this May and I can still hear her say certain phrases that she made "famous". She used to give me coffee as a young child - more milk and sugar than coffee and to this day I still drink it the same way - a little coffee with my creamer - but whenever someone comments about how I drink it - I smile and think of her. Grandmother's are the frosting on our cupcakes!! Bless you Beth as you deal with this loss - although from the sound of things - you are doing just fine and I know your faith provides you that ability. Good job!! ~Amy C.

  2. oh dear Beth! I love this tribute!! Beautiful. I especially loved the end! Tears...tears from both your father and I~! Thank you!

  3. Beth, a beautiful tribute to Grandma Berres. I was telling our Bible study group about her and Grandpa Berres the other evening. They were in awe of their loving committment to one another for so many years. Blessings and love and prayers sent your way as you all celebrate her life and bid her farewell until you all meet together again in heaven. Love to all of you.

  4. Thank you for posting this Beth. Love Amy's words to you. love you dear child..

    your Papa


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