Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Our Ten Year Anniversary…Two Years Late

I must blame my lack of writing on the delusion that I am still laying by the water’s edge in sunny, tropical Cozumel. 

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Chris and I recently returned from an amazing trip away.


My parents were gracious enough to take care of their grandchildren for the week so the two of us could sneak off together and celebrate our “10th” wedding anniversary two years late. Smile  With the arrival of our precious daughter two years ago we weren’t interested in taking a trip until she got a little bigger, hence the delayed celebration!

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Skyping with our family back home and showing them our views!


Chris and I had never taken the opportunity to try an all inclusive resort before.  We had done the cruise thing before our kids came along, but thought we’d try something a little different. We weren’t disappointed!


The resort we chose was Secrets Aura Grand in Cozumel.  From start to finish our stay there was amazing. There was very little we would have asked to change.  The weather was near 80 and sunny every day.  A couple days we dealt with some wind, but it was a warm wind and felt pretty nice if you asked me!  The food was amazing. There were three sit down restaurants in our resort to choose from, along with a couple other more casual options.  24/7 room service was also included in the price so we did not go hungry! 

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Chris and I arrived on Friday, February 15th and had a couple days there by ourselves before my brother David and his fiancée Sarah joined us.  We scoped out the place and knew a bit more about the ins and outs before they arrived so we could all jump right in together!

The trip wasn’t filled with an agenda and daily schedule of activities.  We truly just spend time being.  Just being still.  Being present. Shutting off our phones and computers and just letting our bodies rest.  It was a beautiful thing.  There have been trips in the past where Chris and I have had a pretty hectic itinerary and there are trips where I love that!  Here though we chose to get some rest and relaxation instead!


Chris and David did take one day to deep sea fish. They had a great time and a great sunburn to go along with it!


We spent one evening in the city of San Miguel doing some shopping and having dinner out.  It was nice to see life outside the walls of the resort.



We also went on a two hour snorkeling adventure where we visited three of the world’s most famous reefs in that area.  We were able to see sea turtles, eels, baby sharks, and starfish.  Pretty awesome!  Our tour guide also looked and spoke exactly like Diego from the tv series “Go Diego Go” so we got a great kick out of that!



It was truly tempting to come home, grab our kids and a change of clothes, and head right back to the beauty that is Cozumel.  We truly fell in love with the nature and the people.  Everyone we met was so kind, genuinely kind.  They made our trip feel very special and treated us as if we were the only guests staying there. 


  1. OH.MY.GOODNESS! Happy anniversary and WOW! It looks like you had a blast and are SO in love. I'm glad ya'll got away... 2 yrs later :)

    1. Thanks Holly! Wish we lived a bit closer to double date it sometime! :)

  2. So happy you two had such a wonderful time. These special times are precious!!!!!


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