Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Better To Hear You With My Dear

The tubes are in and life is grand for Mr Grayson John!


I’m not quite sure what the boy is doing with his face above, but he’s still a cutie pie in my book!

So – Monday morning at 5:45 Chris, G and myself tip toed out of the house to head to the surgical center for the procedure.  Grayson was very excited and didn’t appear nervous at all.  They were really great about getting us in and keeping things moving, so we didn’t have to do a lot of sitting around.

They asked us which parent was going to go back with Grayson while he fell asleep.  I wanted to be back there with him so badly, but when they explained that sometimes children falling asleep twitch or roll their eyes back in their head, I knew that Daddy was the right person for the job!  Chris put his scrubs on and they went back together to perform the operation.

Just a few minutes later Chris appeared back in the room with me again and told me that Grayson had done great.  They had asked him what flavor gas he wanted. Grayson chose orange. He then held his Daddy’s hand and stared intently in to Chris’s eyes as he drifted off to sleep.  You can imagine how much that touched his Daddy’s heart!

I was so thankful to have Chris there as we waited for the procedure to finish.  After about ten minutes the Dr. came in the room and told us that everything had gone perfectly.  He said that he was amazed by the amount of fluid behind Grayson’s ears, and (forgive the graphic detail) said that the largest suction had to be used to get all of it out.

After a few more minutes we were allowed to go back and be with Grayson while he continued to wake up. They had warned us that many children who come out of anesthetic are inconsolable for a bit.  It was true of Grayson. The poor little guy was completely out of sorts and very emotional.  Chris scooped him up and held him in a recliner for a while.  Grayson just cried and cried about his ears hurting.  Some Tylenol was given and a freeze pop, which just led to more drama as it wasn’t cooperating with him that morning!  I stood next to their chair and stroked his head which seemed to calm him.  He had his teddy along so they cuddled while we just took a little more time to settle.

After about half an hour we felt like Grayson was ready to head home.  He stood up and exclaimed, “My ears don’t hurt anymore!”  By the time we got home he was completely back to himself again.  He ate a full plate of breakfast and started running around the house with the other two. 

I have noticed a lot of changes in Grayson since the procedure. I have yet to hear him ask me to repeat myself, where before that was a very regular occurrence.  I have noticed that when he plays with his Tag reading system he doesn’t hold it right next to his ear to hear it anymore, but can keep it down by the book and hear it just fine.  I will whisper across the room and he hears every word perfectly!  It is just exciting!  He keeps telling me that I talk so loud now!  We are so thankful for how smoothly the procedure went and the changes that we are already seeing in him.  He will go back in one month for a follow up visit.


  1. thankful!!! And I love the picture of him!!!

  2. Yeah!! So glad it went well!

  3. That is just great news and how exciting to see such instant improvement!

  4. I agree with Ama...It is a good picture of Mr. G. So glad all went well. Your children are so blessed to have you and Chris as parents. Love to all.

  5. I agree with Ama...It is a good picture of Mr. G. So glad all went well. Your children are so blessed to have you and Chris as parents. Love to all.

  6. Anonymous11.2.13

    And he had his teddy right by his side :)


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