Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Winter Fun

The other night Chris headed out to take the boys sledding one last time before this snow (hopefully!) melts away. They had gone one other time a few months ago and had a blast, although Ethan had received a bloody nose from a tumble down the hill.  Makes for a better story though doesn’t it? Smile

Within a few minutes of leaving home Chris called me and told me he was considering taking the boys tubing at a local ski resort instead. (Yes Minnesota has big enough hills to warrant at least a little bit of skiing!). They met the age and height requirements this year, so I said a quick prayer and gave my blessing for them to go.


The boys had no idea what to expect as this was an entirely new experience for them.

The video above shows two excited little boys!

Ethan was a bit nervous their first time down the hill.  When they reached the bottom though he was all grins and giggles.  He told his Daddy, “I was scared to come down the hill and I was crying a little bit, but that man on the top just laughed at me and pushed me down!”  I guess there was someone working at the top giving friendly nudges and didn’t let Ethan’s tears get in the way of a trip down!

My three boys on one of the trips down the hill!

As stands to tradition Ethan did receive another bloody nose and lip. However, this time it wasn’t received going down the hill, but going up!  They had to stand on a conveyer belt and get pulled up the hill, but one boy slipped and down they both went!  Ethan smacked his face right in to a railing.  Sweet boy!


I love how my little bruiser looks like Mickey Mouse in this picture with those tubes behind his head! Isn’t he just precious?

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  1. Oh how adorable!!!!!! Love them so much!!!! And those "Mickey Mouse" ears:)


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