Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beyond the Bunny

We had a very quiet Easter celebrated with family at my parents farm.  Chris was off on Good Friday so we headed out that afternoon.  Friday evening my brother Michael and his family came. 

Saturday was the day of pajamas.  We ate caramel rolls, watched the kids play, played outside, played some cards, talked, ate some more.  It was perfect! (Mike and Hayley introduced us to a game called Wizard.  I’m hooked!).

3-31-13 Easter 076

3-31-13 Easter 066

Late Saturday night/Sunday morning (1 a.m.!) David and Sarah joined us.  Easter morning was filled with basket hunts, full bathrooms, and a busy kitchen as everyone scurried around to get dolled up and ready for church.  The service was great.  The boys stayed with us in the main room while Adelyn, Micah, and Gabbi went to Discovery School and nursery. 

3-31-13 Easter 033

3-31-13 Easter 042

After church we traveled on back to Mom and Dad’s for a delicious Easter lunch with ham, scalloped potatoes, pies, salads…you name it, we had it!

3-31-13 Easter 1243-31-13 Easter 126

                         I told Grayson to look “sassy.” This is what I got!                                                                                             Ethan striking a pose!


3-31-13 Easter 101

3-31-13 Easter 166

One of the best we could get of all these rascals!

3-31-13 Easter 130

3-31-13 Easter 135

3-31-13 Easter 144

God came in flesh to walk this Earth.  To live life like you and I.  To feel, to ache, to endure.  Knowing full well what had to happen He went through with it, paying the ultimate price for us.  Dying for us.  Living again for us so that we too can have hope and can live. What an awesome reason to celebrate!  What love!

Hoping you all had an awesome Easter too!


  1. Love the blog Beth. And the pictures are wonderful!!! What a blessing...and what a Blessing in our Redeemer!!!


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