Thursday, April 4, 2013

Instagram Girl

At 114 years of age, the oldest U.S. citizen recently passed away.  Chris and I were talking this morning about the incredible changes that happened over the span of her life.  When she was born the first Model T had just had its debut, the population of Las Vegas was 30, and the average minimum wage was 22 cents.

Today there are over 400,000 car makers.  The population in Las Vegas is 590,000, and the average minimum wage is $7.25.

And that doesn’t even touch on technology. Even since my birth in 1979 technology has just exploded.  I still recall taking a class trip to the computer lab in 10th grade and the teacher SLOWLY opening Internet Explorer to show us the world wide web for the very first time.  He typed in “Elvis Presley” and there before me was this image of Elvis gyrating his hips.  I was amazed and astonished by it all!  Maybe not so much the gyrating of the hips, but strictly the technology of course!

And here we are today – 2013 – surrounded by so many ways to keep in touch with the world around us.  Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, email, messaging, texting, hashtags…and on and on and on.  I have barely touched the surface when it comes to all that is out there, and I’m okay with that!  I like to feel like I am keeping somewhat in the loop with it all, but there is no way I can allow myself to become fully wrapped up in all that is available.  I don’t want to be!  I don’t have time to be! Smile

However, I kind of treat it like I treat an onion.  I peel back one layer at a time. I don’t like to let it overwhelm me and so I will pick one thing, learn a little bit about it and jump in.  Then – after wiping the tears away and walking away to recover a few times I am ready for the next layer.

So – I have been doing Instagram for some time now.  I love the simple editing you can do to the pics – but I still have so far to go when it comes to understanding all that goes along with it.  Hashtags for example are completely baffling to me.  I thought hashtags only belonged to Twitter, but now I’m seeing them on Instagram too.  I yi yi. 

Either way – all this to say I have added a link to my Instagram account on the right toolbar of my blog.  It is set to private right now, but I believe if you request to follow me I can let you in!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!


  1. am I following you on Instagram? I'm @jolantheerb - and really, the hashtags aren't that hard on instagram, but really rather neat. I love being able to track and follow threads using the hashtags {and find new people to follow}.

    1. Jolanthe - You are the queen of technology and knowing the latest and greatest! If I could just sit under your tutorage for a few days I would be in great shape! I am going to start following you! I don't think I do yet. Thanks for commenting!


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