Friday, April 12, 2013

Life ‘Round Here






On April Fools Day morning the kids came downstairs for breakfast and saw blue milk waiting for them.  I told them our milk had turned blue and they were super thrilled and excited about that! 


The other day we went out puddle jumping.  The kids can’t get enough!  Now we have another 12 inches of snow so I guess there are more puddles to come!


The other day we joined my friend Melissa and her two kids for a morning of jumping at a local bounce house.  I LOVE the excited looks on those faces above!  They were SO excited!


This is the only picture I have that didn’t turn out all blurry! These kids were moving too fast and the lighting wasn’t the best to get a great shot. I had to resort to using my flash!  What a pile-up!

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  1. Oh these pictures are so adorable!!!!! I love the blue milk and these kiddos are blessed to have a mom who keeps them busy and happy!!!!!
    Love to all!
    Mom H.


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