Monday, June 28, 2010

Growing Up

July 2009

I can't believe my bald baby boys were big enough to get their first haircuts, but alas, the time had come.

When I realized yesterday morning that I could pull Ethan's hair back in to a ponytail I decided that something better be done!

Chris and I have been dragging our feet over that decision for quite a long time to come now. We hated to see the boys beautiful curls come off, and take the big leap in to big boyhood!

Last night after dinner though we armed ourselves. Me with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and Chris with a pair of cutting shears. Grayson was our first victim. We figured he was easier to start with since he had less hair!


This is Grayson before his haircut. He was saying "pweeease" for some ice cream as this picture was taken. When he says it his entire face scrunches up and makes the sign for "more" along with it.


Here is ticklish Grayson after his first hair cut!


Now Ethan had a lot more hair. His curls stuck straight out the sides of his precious little head. Sometimes after naps or in the morning Chris and I would just laugh as he popped up out of his crib looking like our own little Bozo the Clown! My precious little boy. You have curly hair just like your Daddy, that is for sure!


I can not get over how different my handsome little Ethan looks!


Grayson after showing me his jumping off the side of the couch on to his car moves. :)

Ethan (he quit drooling for an entire two days before his top molars started popping through!)

My precious little Eatie!


  1. I LOVE the haircuts!!! They look great!

  2. When I first started scrolling down, I saw two bald heads...needless to say I thought Chris had scalped the boys:) They are so adorable and I think they look so much older. How precious they are...just beautiful-oops! I mean handsome!!! Love, Mawmaw


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