Sunday, September 12, 2010

Her Name "Adelyn Verree"

When I was pregnant the first time with the boys, Adelyn was one of the girls names that I had picked out if we would have happened to have a girl. I have no idea where I originally came across it, but I loved it instantly. I just thought it sounded so sweet for a little girl, but yet sounded distinguished for a grown woman too. I love the name "Adelyn," but we will also call her "Adie" as her brothers like to call her.

Her middle name, Verree, is after my Grandma Cleone Verree who passed away 5 months to the day before Adelyn was born. My Grandma was such an incredible woman, and I feel it is my responsibility, privilege, and honor to teach my children all about their Great-Grandma and the type of life and legacy she lived and left behind. We felt that by giving Adelyn the same middle name we were honoring my Grandma, but also honoring Adelyn by naming her after such an important and respected person in our lives. I so wish Adelyn, Ethan, and Grayson could grow to know her personally, not only through stories and pictures. She is so missed.


  1. Thanks for sharing the story behind the sweet!

  2. I'm so glad you wrote this. It's a beautiful name...for such a beautiful girl! :)

  3. Just thought of something else...

    Your love for your grandma made me think of my own experience with losing my grandma. She died in January of 1999; and at that point, Jeff and I had been married less than two years and had no children. As we said goodbye to her during our last visit (we knew it would be our last visit because she had a brain tumor and only had a very short amount of time left to live), one of the thoughts that weighed so heavily on me was, "But I wanted her to see my children!" It was so sad to realize that she would never know them, and they would never know her. Not until heaven, at least.


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