Thursday, September 9, 2010

These Moments

Life is just rolling right along here in our little home. Chris is off all of this week, so we have just tucked ourselves away and we are getting to know each other as a family of five.
It's a busy home...constantly full of diapers that need changed, mouths that need fed, bodies that need cuddled, boo-boo's that need kissed...
There are moments where I feel overwhelmed. Especially when I think of taking over full time care during the day of all three kids here in a few weeks after Mom leaves. It scares me when I think about meeting all three of their needs and giving each one of them the attention and care they deserve.
I know these feelings are normal as I am hormonal and sleep deprived, as well as just trying to find a groove with our sweet little Adie. I know that it will all fall in to place as it did with the boys and we will find our pattern.
I really am in love with just being home right now. It is okay with me if we just don't go anywhere for awhile. I wish I could just freeze life just like this for a long time to come. It is cozy. It is peaceful. It is where I am the most content.
The boys are still taking amazingly well to Adelyn. I am so thankful for that. Whenever they see her they yell her name "Adie! Adie!" and they come running to see her. They love to touch her, watch her, kiss her. They are sweet brothers to her.
With such a sleepy little newborn I feel like I am still able to have some great one-on-one time with the boys too. Probably more time than I was able to have them during all of bed rest. It has been nice. It's been especially nice to get my body back in some regard! To be able to get on the floor with them, help change them, read to them, help with meals, etc. I'm not pushing it fully yet and can't lift them for another 4 weeks or so - but I am feeling pretty good considering she is only 11 days old.
Well, my time has run out. "Me" time is few and far between these days, and that's alright with me!

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  1. so great beth! i love it! you take care of yourself! call me anytime!


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