Friday, July 15, 2011

No Go Pee Pee!

Potty Training Update:

The boys are still in diapers.


We are making progress, slowly, slowly, slowly...

Grayson seemed so ready for the potty, and I think he still is, but he is also showing a lot of fear when it comes to using it.

When the urge comes for him to use it he starts to cry says, "No go pee pee!" and begs me to, "Put diaper on! Put diaper on!" Yesterday he even ran and got a diaper and laid down on the floor for me to do it. Sweet boy.

I have tried talking him through this irrational fear, reading him stories and singing him songs while he sits there, and even putting on a little Boz or Caillou to try and distract him.

I do not want to make this potty training thing a battle. I don't want him to be terrorized of the toilet, or come to loathe this entire experience - and so I take a step back and reevaluate.

I do feel like Ethan is making a lot of progress. He has already used it on quite a few occasions and doesn't seem to exhibit any of that same fear as his brother. I am leaning towards focusing my efforts with him, in hopes that Grayson will observe and realize that there really is nothing to be afraid of!

I'm just not stressing about it. I know it will happen when they are completely ready. I am hoping it is before they are 10, but we'll just take it one day at a time and see!

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  1. At least sweet little Grayson is aware of that urge! That's a big step!

    One day they'll both get it.....and then the neighbors will call you laughing because they just drove by and saw your son relieving himself out in the driveway. ; )


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