Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I become so frustrated when I see days upon days pass before a blog entry is written. In those moments where I do have time to sit down and write I feel overwhelmed with the number of topics I want to cover on here, and instead I just walk away and don't write anything at all! Oh well. Such is this point in my life I suppose!

The thing I've noticed is that life doesn't seem to stop even if I haven't written about it on here yet! There have been so many things going on these past many days and I've just been running (literally!) to keep up.

Chris and I celebrated 10 years together last Thursday. A decade already married to that man. I am truly a blessed woman to call that man my husband. He is a good man. He is a good husband. A good provider. A wonderful listener. An amazing father. I can't imagine my life with anybody else by my side. He is my other half, truly my companion.

The kids are doing awesome with being kids. They have really mastered that! They are changing every day. The boys are putting together so many sentences. They will follow me around the house and say "What are you doing Mommy?" over and over and over again.

Adelyn is in to everything. How was it that she wasn't even crawling a few weeks ago, and now that girl is pulling up on everything, pulling everything over, and getting in to so many things that she shouldn't be getting in to! She loves her new found freedom. She just wants to be down on the floor and moving!

Our biggest news is that Chris and I found our next home! We went house touring this past Saturday and it was the very first home we walked through. We both just knew it was the home for us! We were ready to put an offer in that very moment, but we decided to look at a few other homes on our tour just to make sure. Every home we saw after that just cemented in our mind that the first home we saw was really the right fit for us. We put an offer in that afternoon, and by that evening we found out that our offer had been accepted! We are set to close on August 26th. (3 days before my little girl turns 1! "Like my sister-in-law said -" What a gift! What is she going to expect for her second birthday??" Ha! Good point!)

And now...a few pics...


The front of our home


The back


Living room


View of the back yard


My nephew Micah and brother Michael


What's the 4th of July without a game of chicken?


Grayson got up the guts to try the slide. Ethan followed. They didn't want to stop!


My brother David and his girlfriend Sarah


Micah and Adelyn in their own private pool


My sister Hayley and myself


Sarah and I


Passing some time before the drive in movie starts!


And to end...Adelyn demonstrating her skills. Oh those little thighs. And those feet. Oh my goodness! :)


  1. Great blog Beth!!! Great pics too!!!!
    Life sure does happen doesn't it!!!!!
    Oh so many blessings!!!

  2. I don't know where to start girl..... congrats on the house 1st of all!!! I'm jealous. We don't dare yet till we know Randys job is good out here. It is a beautiful home! Also, I love love your shirt. I have a hard time these days with the styles. Maybe I'm just old. Where did you get it? Last but not least, I also think those thighs are scrumptious!!!!

  3. Karfie!

    I am so excited to see your beautiful new home. I can't wait to visit one day. I like your shirt too, and was thinking just how wonderful you look...and so trim! You're kids are looking great. Play date soon?!?! ;) Miss ya!


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