Thursday, July 28, 2011

You've Got Your Hands Full

When I am out in public with my children it is astounding how many times I hear that comment.


Yesterday, in one store alone, I had five different people say that exact same thing! I often times will respond with, "Yes they are! Full of such good things!"



The other day though the check out lady wouldn't let it go at that. She said to me, "Yeah, just keep on telling yourself that!"


Is being a mother really a curse? Is that how it is perceived in the eyes of some people? Do they look at me in pity at the chore I have of raising up these three young children?

edit 4

I have been so incredibly thankful for the individuals who have spoken such wonderful truths to me instead. With comments like:

edit 3

"You are so blessed!"
"Triple treasure!"
"You are one busy Mama with one full heart!"

The other day the four of us were out having lunch together and this elderly woman sat down at a table near ours. She kept glancing our way and smiling. Pretty soon she made her way over to talk with us. She commented to me how much she loved seeing so many children in our family, how wonderful that time was in her life when she raised hers up, and she told me just to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every minute because it goes so quickly!


I feel pretty fortunate myself. :)


  1. Beautiful Beth! Beautiful. You see each and every one of those precious children as the gift that they are and the gift that God intended! You are blessed and they are blessed to have you as their mom.

  2. With 2 little boys I often get those kind of comments when I'm out(though none so rude as that one lady). Being a mother and wife is the most important thing in my life and I wouldn't change any of it. These are special times and they do fly by. Isn't it nice to love what we do? :)

  3. I love these pics! Being a mom is a wonderful gift!

  4. Thanks for your comments! It IS nice to love being a Mom (at least most of the time! ha!), and yes, it is an amazing gift!

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I get those comments all the time too. The joke is on them..... we are very lucky mamas!

  6. Lovely post. Being a mom isn't always easy, but it is always an incredible let go of ourselves....

    Love how you never seem to forget this. What a great reminder.


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