Monday, January 2, 2012

525,600 Minutes...

Plus a leap year thrown in there, as my cousin on Facebook reminded me, so that brings us to 527,040 minutes in 2012.

What will you do with yours?

What will I do with mine?

I am feeling personally challenged this year. I am usually not one to make resolutions, as I mentioned here last year - but this year I am feeling challenged to choose a word for my year ahead. One word. Not a list a mile long of major changes in my life that I would like to see made, but instead to seek God and ask Him what one area in my life we should tackle this year.

I did this last year too. I came across this website and loved the idea of setting a word to define your year ahead. Last year the word I chose for myself was authentic. I longed to be a more real person, to my core. While I feel I made some ground in this area, it is always something I will continue to work on. There are certain people you meet, and after you walk away from them you say 'Wow, he/she is so real!' I want for people to remember me for that. Not for putting on a show, trying to convey something that I'm not, not trying to keep up with everyone else around me, but instead to just be a truly authentic person - the good and the bad.

The word I have chosen for 2012 is indelible. To really focus on the way I am living my life. The way I spend my time. The motivation that is driving my days and actions. What is the legacy I am creating that I will one day be leaving behind? For my family, my children, my friends, my neighbors, my world? This is an extremely challenging word for me, and truly kind of scary...but a good challenge all the same!

If you'd like to join me I'd love to hear your word for the upcoming year. What is one word that captures a change you would like to see this year?

*I must note - Christmas posts are hopefully to come. There is so much I'd like to say and share about the previous two weeks. For now I will just say that it was a time of family. I just feel like we had some really relaxing, quality family time. This morning is our first morning without Chris for nearly the past two weeks. We are all a bit meloncholy this morning, but also ready to get on with the year ahead. Today the kids and I are planning on starting to de-Christmas our home. We'll see how that goes with six extra helping hands!



  1. Indelible is a great word! AND one I've never thought of before. ;-) I'm looking forward to how that plays out in your life in the year to come!

    This is my first year to really choose a word, and it is Arise.

    Happy new year to you, friend! :)

  2. I'll be honest, I had to quick look up indelible on - just to be sure!

    What a great idea - to choose just one word. I think it makes resolutions more real, and like you said about "authentic", lifelong.

    Have a great 2012!


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