Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Things They Say

That I don't want to forget!

I shared this one on Facebook - but want to share it again. The other day Grayson ripped up a book just for the heck of it (there have been three others since, but that is an entirely different post!). Chris was downstairs talking with him when Ethan comes walking over, spreads his legs apart, puts his hands on his hips and with this serious scowl on his face says, "I'm not very happy about this!"



This morning we were talking about what the boys wanted to be when they grew up. Ethan responded that he would like to be a cowboy. Grayson would like to be a race car driver, just like Lightning McQueen. When I asked Adelyn what she wanted to be when she grew up Ethan said that she wanted to be a bug. Grayson said that she would be a dolly, because she loves dollies.



Last night before dinner Grayson was running around the kitchen in circles. I commented on what a fast runner he was and wanted to know where he ever learned to run so fast. He stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me, and said, "Thanks guys. It's just cuz I growed up!"



Yesterday I sent Ethan and Adelyn downstairs to play while Grayson and I worked on making lunch. They played down there so nicely together and I praised Ethan for playing so nice with his sister and being so kind to her. He bent down and hugged Adie and said, "Thanks for playing so nice with me and for not wrecking all my toys."



Last night Grayson came in to the living room where Chris and I were sitting and announced that there would be a show in the hallway. Chris and I were instructed to sit down on the hallway rug. Ethan and Grayson then did a little song routine while Adelyn held a glowing stick and danced for them. After they were done Ethan announced that now it was Mommy and Daddy's turn to put on a show. Chris and I got up and sang ABC's and Away in A Manger. They then asked us to sing it using only the words "GaGaGa", and so we did of course. It was truly one of my best moments of parenthood ever yet. So simple, yet so magical. (Not the ga-ga-ga- part...but you catch my drift).




  1. Oh too funny! Kids just amaze me with the things they come up with! And it sounds like your 3 munchkins love each other so much and keep you all in stitches!

    Good for you for jotting these memories down! I used to do posts like these.....and now I reminded to keep it up!

  2. Now to get their adorable voices on a recording!


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