Sunday, April 22, 2012


Having Grandma come and stay is a pretty special thing indeed.  Every moment of the day these children need to have her whereabouts accounted for. 

When they go off to bed at night the boys look back over their shoulder a few times to cast loving glances towards her, confirming that they will indeed see her in the morning, and letting her know just how much she’s loved.

She flew in last Wednesday, and I love knowing that we have over a week and a half left with her here!  She is such a tremendous help to me!  She jumps right in and does anything she can.  She even made my porcelain kitchen sink look completely brand new again.  I came home the other day and my eyes nearly were blinded by how white my sink was.  Even upon buying this home it was never that way!  You have no idea how excited a sparkling kitchen sink makes me! (It’s the little things Smile ).

Now if we could just convince her to move to the great north…I wonder how Pop would feel about that!



  1. I love this picture!!! And those boys looks so much like their MawMaw!! No question of the relationship there!!! Looks like lots of joy happening in that room!!!!

  2. Building the kitchen countertops of your dream makes sense if you are going to be spending a lot of time in this house, and therefore, this kitchen. Its long been recognised that bathrooms are a great selling point for a property.

  3. I think it is so great that you and I are both enjoying visits from our wonderful mothers-in-law right now. We are blessed! :)


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