Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Weekend Away

In just over an hour Mom and I are scooting out of here for a girls weekend away.  We are attending this conference starting tomorrow morning.  I have heard so much about Graham Cooke, and have often dreamed about hearing him speak in person, so I am really excited to get that opportunity!  A bunch of other awesome ladies from my family are going to be joining us, so it should be a great way to celebrate my birthday on Saturday!

Grandpa is taking care of my kiddos tonight as Chris gets in late, and then tomorrow Daddy will take over the duties until my return.

My camera is coming along, so I will see if I can snap a few!

Before I go – I must just journal one quick story that occurred at dinner last night.

4-10-12 230

The kids were eating some birthday cake that Chris and my family surprised me with last weekend (as seen above.  That’s my surprised face in case you were wondering what was wrong with me.  Oh, and I am wearing my birthday crown. Handcrafted just for me!).  As they were eating it, Ethan and Grayson sang Happy Birthday to me again.  I told them that it was a pretty important day because if Mommy hadn’t been born then they wouldn’t have been born either!  Then I added, “And if Daddy hadn’t been born, then you wouldn’t have been born.”  After thinking about that for a few seconds Grayson looked at me and said, “Mommy?  How do a Mommy and a Daddy make a baby?”

Now I knew this talk was coming one day.  I just didn’t think it was going to be when my sons were three eating and eating cake.  Thinking quickly on my feet I simply stated, “It happens when a Mommy and a Daddy give each other a special hug.”  He then looked around the table and said, “1, 2, 3.  You and Daddy have had three special hugs!” He was very satisfied with that answer and continued eating his cake.  Like Mom said, now he will probably hug someone and then claim that they’re making a baby! 

Oh vey.


  1. Cracks me up!! He is one smart kid!
    Enjoy your time away!!

  2. How funny! Have a great time, and happy (early) birthday!!! :)

  3. Oh how adorable!!! That Grayson is a critical thinker already:) Hope you have a great time away with your mom and your family ladies!!!! What a great time that will be. Happy, Happy Birthday precious "daughter". Love, blessings, and prayers for you always.
    Pop and Mawmaw

  4. AHAHAHA!!!! HILARIOUS Beth! :)


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