Thursday, April 26, 2012

Life Round Here


Might I just first add that I find it a bit comical that I have added a watermark on to my pictures today.  Truthfully I have no fear about anyone wanting to steal my pictures aside from perhaps the grandparents of these children shown below.  I saw the watermark option though and thought I would give it a whirl.  Spice things up a bit ya know?

So…I’ve missed you blogging world!  You would think with MawMaw being here that I would be sitting at Panera every day, sipping coffee and perusing the internet for hours on end.  And although I know she would let me do that, I instead find that I want to accomplish all that I can (like shower) while she’s here and I can sneak off for a few minutes.

All is well here though in the life of this fam.  Grayson had a pretty rough cough last weekend, but thankfully that has passed.  I spent one night curled up between the boy’s beds.  My body can’t handle it like it used to!  I woke up with sore everything from head to toe, but my child slept peacefully for most of the night, so suck it up Mom. Smile

We have been having beautiful weather.  The crab apple trees in our yard (1 in the front, 1 in the back) are in full bloom.  I walk outside and probably look a tad bit ridiculous as I stand there and inhale over and over as deeply as I can.  Yum.

Chris and I are busy with projects outside. 

1. Planning our vegetable garden.  On the menu?  Cucumbers, rhubarb, onions, garlic, asparagus, sugar snap peas, peppers, watermelon, broccoli, and tomatoes. 

2. Digging up many of the perennials in this massive perennial garden in our back yard and replanting them in some other garden plots that were pretty over grown.  We then plan to turn the original perennial garden in to a play ground area for the kids.  I can’t wait for that!  Living on a corner lot is a bit scary with all the traffic that comes around the corner – so having a safe place for the kids to play will be so awesome.  We are even going to fence it in so they will be trapped safe.

3. Getting a 12x10 foot shed for our back yard which will be delivered tomorrow.  Chris is so excited about his man cave and how he is going to organize it.

The other day I visited the boys preschool. We have them enrolled for a two morning a week preschool starting in the fall.  I fell in love.  I witnessed children writing their names, cutting with scissors, sitting criss-cross applesauce on the cutest little rug – and I just grew so excited for Ethan and Grayson.  I think it’s going to be so great for them.  A few hours of the week away from home, a few hours to play with new friends, socialize, learn, explore. 

And now a few pictures of life here the past week. I still have more on my camera from the Teddy Bear Band concert we attended a few nights ago!  Turns out I had seen them perform when I was a little girl, so it was fun to take my children to the same show!  They had a blast!

More soon…promise!












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