Friday, May 4, 2012

A Good One

That summed up yesterday.

From start to finish things just flowed like they’re supposed to (with the exception of nap time – but hey, I can’t ask for perfection can I?)

I pulled my phone out throughout the day yesterday to document our day.  Just another day, nothing too exciting or extraordinary, but just a day that I wanted captured before it blended in to all the rest.


Here are my twins (get it? see their shirts? and they really are twins.  do you get it? I’m funny aren’t i?)  This was at the Dr. yesterday morning.  Chris and I decided that I should take Ethan (left) in to the walk in clinic due to this pretty nasty patch of eczema on the back of his right knee.  These pour children of mine have all experienced bouts with eczema, but this patch was now seeping and cracked.  We had been putting hydrocortisone and cetaphil on it, but it just wasn’t enough. 

After taking a quick look at him, and then glancing at the other two who were in the room with me, she determined that all of them seemed to be suffering from seasonal allergies.  She said that it wasn’t surprising, with the eczema and also the peanut allergy. It’s all just kind of tied together she said.  Chris and I have never been allergy sufferers, so to have three children who do is something to get used to!  We put a plan in to action, so hopefully his little knee and their allergies all together can be cleared up.

I must just mention one cute story from yesterday morning’s visit.  When we were walking in to the clinic I ran in to my gynecologist in the parking lot.  She is an older, larger woman.  Probably near 70 with curly gray hair and orthopedic shoes on.  Just a precious woman.  I introduced her to my children and then as we were walking away I was explaining to the boys who she was.  Grayson said, “I already know that.  She is my girlfriend.”


After the Dr. we headed to the gym.  I did a kickboxing class which I love. It is such a good workout, plus I feel so tough when I am punching the air like a fool!  After my class the boys then take a weekly Fit Kids class.  They love it.  In the picture on the left they are playing Duck, Duck, Grey Duck – or how strange people like to call it Duck Duck Goose. Smile  They were so fun to watch!  Grayson had no idea what to do when someone was chasing him. He just kept running around and around in the circle.  They both spotted me looking through the window and I received such HUGE smiles and could see them mouth the word “Mommy!”  I love seeing them interact with other kids. 

After class their teacher approached me and said, “Oh my! They sure have a lot of energy don’t they!” 


After the gym we headed to the grocery store to grab our prescriptions and eat some lunch at the deli there.  I love eating there with the kids. It is tucked away in the middle of the store. It is never crowded. They have such a huge assortment of food to chose from, and it is just easy!  Yesterday the boys picked out a corn dog and some cookies and cream salad.  I also snuck some veggies in there!  Can’t make their fit kids time completely worthless! Smile  I didn’t get any pictures of our lunch because it is all I can do to keep order and prevent drinks from spilling or Adelyn from getting completely covered in food!

After lunch we headed to the library.  We just took our time and pulled nearly every single book off the shelves.  Adelyn would sit for about 2 seconds before hopping off to go get another book. I still keep her in a stroller most of the time in the library.  She is just such a little mover and does not like to be confined though!



Every time we are in the library we take a trip in the elevator.  It has glass walls so the kids love looking out over the library.  The boys take turns pushing the buttons and think it is the best thing ever.


A trip to the library isn’t complete without playing at the train table!


After an unsuccessful nap time for one child in particular, (Not mentioning any names, but let’s just say it rhymes with Mason!)  we headed to the park for a picnic and play time with Daddy.  It was a beautiful, picture perfect evening in Minnesota.  We don’t get a lot of those before our state bird the mosquito arrives, so we had to get out and enjoy it.  (Notice in the second picture all of Ethan’s sticks.  He wanted to go and throw them in the river. By the time we got close to the river his arms were so full!)



We got home way past bed time.  The kids were filthy so I quickly bathed Adelyn in the kitchen sink (She still fits…but barely!)  I got her off to bed, curly sweet smelling little head and all.  I tossed the boys in the tub, smeared some good goo all over Ethan’s knee.  They put on their Cars and Thomas pj’s and off to bed they went.

Chris and I then settled in downstairs for a little time together under a blanket, talking about the day and then watching a little tv until our eyes couldn’t stay open any longer.


  1. What a very very busy day! I'm glad it went so well! I don't think I would have been as successful with the doctor, then the gym, then the grocery store, and then the library all in one trip on my own with the kids!!!! You're amazing!!! :)

  2. bapa4.5.12

    sounds like a perfect day you all had Beth and Chris. So fun to come on here and share a little of your life with you. Miss you all and look forward to our next visit together.

  3. what a beautiful day in the life of the Hardestys!!! and what beautiful children they are!!! I could just eat em up!!! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life Beth!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun day! You all look great! :)


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