Monday, May 14, 2012


What an incredible time in my life.


I love these outtakes.  This picture was attempted at 7 last evening after no nap for all three.  It wasn’t until Daddy did some armpit noises that we finally got a good one!  You do what you got to do!


The time in my life that leaves little room for updating this blog, although mothering is the reason that I want to!



I love being a mother to my three young children.

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I am so incredibly honored that I can be called their Mother.


Today I felt love.


Today I felt contentment. 


I told Chris the only gift I wanted for Mother’s Day was to spend the day together doing something.


He delivered.


We had the children’s first visit ever to the zoo.  They loved it.


We then were able to sneak in a quick surprise visit with my parents and brother’s family at a nearby park for some ice cream afterwards.  What a treat to be able to squeeze my own little Mama on this day!  How thankful I am for her!  She is truly one of my best friends, and the only person besides Chris who I talk to every day.  I love you Mom!



My brother Mike with Dad, Mom, and my niece Gabbi.  Can we just take a moment to notice how handsome Michael is with his hair cut short?  I love this brother of mine! I love watching him as a father.  He’s a pretty incredible one if my unbiased self does say so.


Mike’s wife Hayley.  Also an incredible Mama!  I am so thankful that God united her to my brother, all the way from South Africa!



This little girl adores her Bapa!


  1. Such a sweet post. I'm glad you had a great Mother's Day. You deserve it! You're one little, hot momma! :) Miss ya!

  2. What a nice tribute to your family Beth! Love the zoo pictures, also the family zoo pictures at the park!! We were missing one little cub, with Little Cub David there it would have been complete!! Beth, the only thing wrong with these pictures is that you caught me eating two different ice cream treats!!!
    Love you too Beth! I am honored to be your mother!!

  3. Oh Beth what a beautiful way to memorialize this precious day. So glad you could join your parents and Michael's family. You all look as though you are as happy as those little ones laughing and giggling. So awesome. Also, I really enjoyed the pictures of you and the kids on the sun porch. What a transition after their talented daddy made the armpit sounds...these kids recognize talent when they hear and see it:) I wish I could take credit for this ability that Chris has...but I believe his brothers worked hard to make sure he perfected it;) You are a blessing to your children and to Chris. I thank God for you precious Beth!!!
    Love you...


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