Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just A Little Bit More



Grayson has always been our night time riser.  I swear that child is part nocturnal.  There was even a season a few months ago when he was getting out of bed 5-6 times a night.  I would wake up to find him standing next to my bed, just staring at me.  I was startled awake more than once!  We even resorted to putting up a gate in their door, which worked great until he figured out last week how to open it!

Lately though the only reason he was opening the gate and coming out was to go to the bathroom.  Chris and I both agreed it was time for the gate to come down, for guidelines to be set, and to allow him to grow up…just a little bit more.

So, for the past few nights Grayson has gotten out of bed at some point in the night, used the bathroom, and returned back to bed ALL BY HIMSELF! I have not been woken up one time in the past week!  It is glorious.  Glorious I tell ya!  Smile  Our bedroom door was wide open this morning, so I’m guessing there must have been a moment in the night where he stared at us and possibly considered saying hello, but then opted for sleep as a better option.

Soon it will be complete underwear for this little boy.  He is completely potty trained during the day, and obviously pretty close to mastering this night thing too.

Also, the other evening Grayson was helping me make dinner.  He had picked up pen and some scratch paper on the counter and was doodling.  I looked and noticed that he was holding the pen the right way. No more of that cave man grip that he had currently been using.  He said, “Look Mommy.  I drew a T!”  Sure enough, he had!  He then went on to write an H, O, and with a  little help a “G for Grayson.”  He also drew his first person.  Complete with eyes, nose, and a mouth.  I stood there with my mouth hanging open. When did this happen?

My baby boy is growing up, and I am so proud!

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