Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dad Life

As Chris and I find ourselves now at the point in our lives where we are shopping for a minivan and picking poop off the carpet (yep, thanks Ethan), I just bust out laughing when I saw this video! I love seeing my husband of 9 years living the "Dad Life!" :)


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  2. Just awesome!!! Now I could see Chris really getting into one of these videos...he could really strut his stuff. I have to admit, I have seen a side of him I never could have imagined since those little boys came into his the fun will really begin after his little girl is born and she looks at him with those big eyes and eyelashes just fluttering...better get out the mop because he will be melting all over the place:)

  3. Awesome. I saw this on Jo's. So funny and so true!


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