Monday, July 26, 2010


This morning I got a call that my second fetal fiber nectin test, which they gave to me last Friday, was also negative. This means that there is more than a 95% chance that I will not be going in to labor until I am at least 35 weeks! This also means that they will not be giving me steroid shots like they did with the boys. They also will no longer be doing weekly cervix checks, but instead will just let us ride this thing out and see how far we can go!

I will be 34 weeks this Thursday. I am continuing to feel great and I'm not experiencing much at all in the way of contractions or anything like that. I really have this feeling that she is going to be staying put for quite a long time to come. I am praying so!

I think the plan is to keep me on bed rest at least for now. Even as the weeks pass I do not think I will be resuming the full load of carrying for the boys, the home, cooking, etc. Chris and I just want to do whatever we can possible to bring her in to this world healthy and full term! Oh what an incredible blessing it would be if we could bring her right home from the hospital with us and our family!

Her nursery is pretty much all ready to go. Her drawers are filled, clothes are hung in the closet, name is chosen and painted for the wall, crib is is all becoming so real! We are getting pretty excited about meeting this new member of our family!

In the meantime having my Mom here this past month has been just incredible. My Dad will fly out this Friday and spend a week with us, and then the two of them will fly home together on August 5th. I don't even want to think about having that goodbye! We have all gotten so attached to having "MaMaMa" here with us. The boys absolutely adore her, and I do kind of think she's enjoyed having this time with them too. She has just totally jumped right in with both feet and she is helping out around here so much. It has been such a huge blessing of this entire pregnancy twist to have her here with us.

Sorry for being so quiet on the blog. When the boys are here I spend most of the day being entertained by them instead of on this computer!

Here is a recent pic of our little lady taken last week:
I just can not get over how stinking adorable she is! I see that little button nose and it reminds me so much of her brothers! What a miracle!


  1. Waahhhoooo! Congrats on your negative FFN test. God is good, indeed! The time is flying by and this sweet ladybug will be here before you know it. I just cannot wait!

    I'm so, so glad your mom has been able to be here. What an incredible mother and such a precious time for you all. Keep on enjoying it Betty!

  2. Oh, I forgot to add........what a cutie patootie, indeed! I wanna kiss those yummy cheeks!

    How you like having me back in blog world taken up all your comments...haha.

  3. I LOVE it Kristy! Keep em coming! :)

  4. So glad all is going well! Can't wait to meet this sweet, little girl! :)


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