Sunday, July 18, 2010

This is Dangerous!

It has become apparant that leaving me home alone with internet, my wallet, and a baby girl on the way is a very dangerous thing!

I am practicing good self control so far, but my Etsy cart is growing by the minute!

Come home soon Chris before I cave!

Just look at all these cute GIRLY things!!!

I found a tutorial to make hair clips like these. Now...if I could just go shopping for the materials!

Monthly stickers to apply to a onesie for pictures. I thought it was a cute idea!

Little hair clips

Oh fer cute!


  1. Oh, I'll have to send you the link to some crocheted hats I got super cheap. You can put on all kinds of flower clips to them like the one you posted. And the clips are super easy to make. When you send someone to get supplies for you, I found Sally Beauty was the best place for the clips themselves (unless you know of somewhere else...). :)

  2. It all looks so cute. Did you end up buying anything? I have bought some clips like that for Makayla at craft fairs. So neat to think that we could make our own. Thanks for posting that! I can't wait to meet your sweet little girl. I just know she will be styling! :) Miss ya!

  3. Dangerous, indeed! I love the onsie stickers...such a good idea. And i love the knit hat with the flowers! We gotta find some like the one that little girl was wearing in The Cheesecake Factory that one time. Girl stuff is so funnnn!!!!!!!!! Spend away! Tell Chris I gave you permission.


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