Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Missing Containment

I am having second thoughts about our decision to move the boys out of their cribs.

It has only been two days, so perhaps I haven't given it a fair chance, but I am having thoughts that maybe it was too soon. Maybe they're too young. Maybe they're not ready.

Perhaps it's just because there are two of them. Two boys. Two wild little boys.

I am exhausted, out of options, and frustrated.

Not always - but at this exact moment- yes I am.

I know it is just going to be a period of adjustment for me too. It changes so much about our routine.

This morning they were up at 6:45 emptying out their closet. Usually in the morning I was able to feed Adelyn and have some time playing with her. I would then get the boys breakfast ready before getting them up for the day. I really enjoyed that time with Adie, because truthfully she doesn't get a lot of time just one on one with me throughout the day.

Of course it's exciting in a way to see the boys growing up and enjoying their beds...I just don't want to do it too soon if we're not ready for it.

We have taken every toy out of their room. We have barricaded their closet so they can no longer go in it and play. Just this afternoon I emptied all of their clothes out of their dresser drawers because they were pulling everything out and trying to put it on instead of sleep.

Their eyes are red and exhausted and I know that if there was just one of them in their room they WOULD lay down and sleep - but when they have a brother distracting them and talking to them and giggling with them it is just too fun to lay down and be quiet!

As I type this I am sitting on the floor of their bedroom. It is 2:37 - about 2 hours after they were put down for their nap.

I would just say we'll just throw in naps all together, but I think they need the quiet time to at least just sit and rest, and truthfully, I need a few minutes to get things done around here!

Even bed time last night was rough. Cute, but rough. We shut their door and we heard them saying "Cool! Cool!" They had found their balls that light up and they were bouncing them in the dark. I ended up laying down on their bedroom floor for awhile until they were close to falling asleep.

I would love to hear from those of you who have been here before.

I have tried punishing them in to staying in their beds, but the new found freedom just appears to be too much! I can't just keep punishing and punishing...but they just won't listen!

I truly don't know what else to try, and I really am considering putting them back in cribs again for awhile until they can handle it.



  1. Beth...this too shall pass!!! Remember the stories to tell them when they get older. In the big picture this is a small bit of the portrait. Let them get it out of their system. I won't last but a week or two. Think about why you changed to big beds!!! They were ready. It is like getting a brand new car. Are you going to drive it and see what you can do with the thing or leave it in the driveway to look at it? They are just test driving their beds. Don't take it personally! :-)

  2. Hippie momma has it right Beth!! Just hang in there. It will get better and you WILL look back and laugh!!! They will also love the stories! It really is just for a short time...and now it is all so new for them!
    Love you!!!

  3. Oh Beth, I can hear the frustration in your words...take heart, it will get better. They do seem to have a lot of energy especially at nap time. I am remembering you in my prayers and know that things will improve...hang in there:) Peace and love to you!

  4. Gavin has been in a big boy bed since 18 months... he is just about 3. So, we are working on a year and a half. We STILL can't have the kids nap together. They sleep fine at bedtime. But nap is still a no-go. They can't resist each other. We put Gavin in our room and chloe in their room. Can you split them just for naps?

    Also, the kids DO get up a little earlier now that they are together. We just moved bedtime a little earlier and taught them that even if they get up they have to stay in their room and play. They sell alarm clocks that turn green or play music or a message from the parents when the kids are allowed to get out o the room. Gavin understood at that age.

    And finally... I am not sure how easy it would be to go back. The boys could already get out their cribs. Now they have had a "taste" of freedom. But if it totally isn't working for your family... do what YOU need to do.

  5. I haven't been there yet, but I was going to suggest the same thing as Gavin's mom. Maybe splitting them up for naps would help. I've also heard of taking everything, furniture and all, out their bedroom, except for their beds.

    The best thing to do though, as you already know, is follow the inspiration you feel from God. I KNOW that He helps us moms know how to handle things for each individual child.

  6. Oh, I feel your pain! I haven't had that exact problem, but I've had issues that have pushed me to the edge of the edge. I think everyone else has pretty much said what I was thinking. See if you can figure out a way to have them sleep in separate places, at least until you have ingrained the do-not-get-off-your-bed rule. Also, my only other advice is, be consistent. It almost sounds like a situation where you'll have to take one issue at a time and work on it. In other words, if you punish for getting in the closet, for digging out the dresser, for taking off their clothes, for getting off the bed, for playing with toys when they're supposed to be sleeping, the poor kids will be overwhelmed and may even lose sight of what they are being punished for. When I've had a lot of things needing correction, I pick one, and work on it for a week. Then, when that issue is corrected, start on another one. I never tackle more than one disciplinary problem at a time with my kids. It has worked well for me. Usually the other problems disappear easier once I have layed down the law with the first one I decide to work on.


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