Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Year Gone By, And a New One Lays Before Us...

Last night I was looking back on blog posts I wrote last January.

I was amazed to read that Ethan and Grayson were just beginning to take their first steps.

Now, a year later, they literally run everywhere they go!

In some ways it feels like this past year went by in the blink of an eye. 2010 in so many ways was a whirlwind to me.

We discovered we were pregnant.
We lost my precious Grandma to cancer.
We discovered many firsts in raising one year old twins.
I was put back on bed rest.
A precious little girl named Adie joined our family.
Chris took a new job.
We decide to relocate to Minnesota.
2 little boys turned two.

What all will 2011 bring?

I look ahead with excitement, with uncertainty, with mixed emotions.

There will be a lot of changes for our family in the year ahead.

We will find a new home.
We will be living in a new state.
We will have to say goodbye to dear family and friends here along with the place that we have called home for the past six years.
We will be able to be near my family.
We will celebrate 10 years of marriage.
At the end of this next year we will have two 3 year olds and a 16 month old.

What blog entries will I write this year?
What stories will I have to tell?

Chris and I spent part of our New Years Eve praying in the New Year. Praying for protection over our family, over our marriage, over our children, over our home. Praying for guidance as we take these huge steps of faith to move our family half way across the country.

I am overwhelmed and nervous sometimes wondering how it will all come together. Will we sell our home? Will the kids adjust okay? Can I be a good mother in the midst of trying to keep a house clean and ready for a showing at any minute?

I'm sure there will be challenges in the year ahead. There always are. I'm also sure there will be a lot of laughter and smiles, along with some tears.

Here's to a new year!

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. and and Chris have placed your hands into the Hands of Jesus and He will gently lead you with your young. He will gently carry you. You are in such a good place dear daughter!! I love you.


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