Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting There

Why does life continue to happen in between my blog posts? Ha! I really wish I could take after my friend Davene and blog every night.


Things are continuing to improve in the land of the big boy beds. Thank you for so many helpful comments and suggestions to get us on the right track. Truthfully I found that I just had to chill out and regain perspective over the entire situation. I was really letting the big change get to me and stress me out when I know it will just take time.


Overall I would say that the boys are doing really great. Chris and I have started to stay in their room with them for now until they can settle down enough to put themselves to sleep without hopping out of bed to play. Once they are down they do fine to stay in bed all night and even will lay there in the morning until we come and get them (usually around 7). A friend of mine suggested that we start out like we are, by laying in their room, and then after a week or so move to sitting by the door, then sit outside the door, and eventually we won't need to monitor at all. It seems to be working so far, so we'll keep going with it!


The boys LOVE their beds. They are pretty proud of themselves and excited whenever night time rolls around and they get to go back in them again.


In addition to the boys, we have also sold our home! It became official last week and it is still trying to sink in for me. We will be closing April 21st. We purchased airplane tickets last night for the kids and I to fly out on April 3rd. My parents are flying out to help me so we will each have one child to keep track of. That will be a huge help! After we get up to Minnesota the moving company will be coming here in the next day or so to pack up all our things and move us up there. Chris will follow behind in our van, possibly driving with my brother.


My emotions are so completely mixed as we approach this move. I am so excited to be near my family. That part just makes me giddy. But it tugs at my heart already to imagine driving away from this house, saying goodbye to the life we have here...

I want to soak up these next two months I have left remaining here with friends and family. I would love to just fill my schedule so full of dinner and coffee dates - to make up for lost time and time that I will no longer have once I move....but yet it's hard to get away when I have these little ones here at home and Chris is traveling so often.


  1. Oh girl, I feel ya. We left our home of 5 yrs when mine were 6 months. We brought them home there, on and on. Home is where your sweet little family is! It will be amazing and the exact same as long as you're all together. How lucky to sell your home so fast! Keeping you in my thoughts... stay strong!

  2. Oh, Beth, I let a lot of things slide when I blog every night! And I also don't get as much sleep as I should. :) Plus, my children aren't quite as young as yours; I think you are doing incredibly well by jotting down as much as you do!!!

    The boys' room looks so cute with their new beds, and they are adorable!! Such joy in their faces!

    I'm glad the transition is getting easier; it does take time, but it sounds like you're doing exactly the right thing.

    Yay for your house selling! But oh my, I can feel a bit of your mixed emotions, and it tugs at my own heart.

    I remember when we were moving from California to Israel (or was it when we were moving from Israel to Virginia? I can't remember)...anyway, during one of those moves, I remember thinking constantly, "At least I get to take my family with me!" That seems like kind of a dumb thought, but I guess I was feeling the pain of loss of friendships (and even things) so much that I felt such joy and relief because I could take my husband and kids with me! :)

    One more thing before I go... Did you make absolutely sure that your moving company is reliable? We had a HORRIBLE experience with a moving company; and after that, we learned that SO MANY moving companies are total scams. I hope I didn't offend you, but I don't want to see you get ripped off!

    If there is anything I can do for you in the months to come, please let me know! Maybe bring you dinner so you don't have to cook? Or watch your kids so you'll have free time to pack? Anything at all--just let me know!

  3. So excited for you guys to have sold the house! BUT, sad to see you move...

    We will have a girls nite(s) before you leave. Let me know what your schedule looks like.


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